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  1. it posted here https://www.facebook.com/royalnavywenteast/?hc_ref=ARSXZHS_wbU6rQJWduVdwcIX5L9_iL-HhIIGmKv-s4cRk_4_t5oM_YrcWWCF1s2ar6k&fref=nf if you want to take a look also how much does a commission cost
  2. sure let me know when watermarks it
  3. @David J would you mind if i posted this to facebook here https://www.facebook.com/royalnavywenteast/ if yes how would you like to be credited
  4. the vote should happen in the middle of the month so that be in the nexted update here hoping it's a go
  5. wait are we allowed to make up are own options
  6. i pick option 4 the both of you behave or i'm calling HMS Nubian and HMS Warspite to sort this mess out
  7. That's adorable love the fang
  8. if jojosqex is willing i would pay for him to send you guys a copy
  9. how much are you charging and would you be willing to mail it (i would pay for P&P)
  10. can someone translate please
  11. Lolwut if your still takening suggestions then i would like to nominate a duo of mahan like you did before but this time with leningrad as well
  12. Sharnhorst, ark royal, Kenobi, Graf Spee, mahan and they are all maids maybe have them talk about alternative costume's
  13. really wow i'm thinking we are getting a good base for a update where everone is a maid
  14. you know this may be a good idea for a update with all the belles lolwut has drawn as maids for reasons
  15. you made Scharnhorst look cute I didn't think that could be done congratulations
  16. I second that with Mississippi a close second
  17. it's not this will boost morale also for some reason the ones that don't want wear it makes me want to see them in it more
  18. well a maid uniform is just clothing so no reason why they couldn't. As for would they we are the commanding officer we can make it a order
  19. Lazarusd Walking about 13 hours ago now this question is related to what been posted in a fan artist appears. with that said will every belle be able to wear a maid outfit and if not whats wrong with you @Lazarus - HAHAHA! I mean...you're right, obviously.
  20. i do hope that all the belles can be maids
  21. and its done all 12 days on the 12th day of christmas my flagship sent to me 1 Mahan in a pear tree 2 USS Mississippi 2 ice doves 3 Ark Royal 3 silly puns 4 Chiyoda 4 Holes in one 5 Boise 5 gun turrets 6 lexington 6 chickens a frying 7 Axum 7 cups of coffee 8 U-29 8 new mysteries 9 Nerpa 9 woven baskets 10 Surcouf 10 secrets santas 11 La Motte-Picquet 11 festive snaps 12 Rawalpindi 12 christmas cards now i just have to practice singing it and if anyone would mind doing some art for the days that would be awesome
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