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  1. "She got legs~, she knows how to use them" Nice seeing Gneiss again. Here's hoping for beta come July
  2. Nice to see we are finally approaching beta
  3. In response to Exeter and Belfast: I agree with Exeter (and Eddie), preference being for Johnny Walker Exeter calling Canarias her "younger, prettier, more stylish aunt" was amusing I'm also curious to find out which London-class lass they're referring to
  4. No fear *notices Kitakami* 1 fear
  5. To go along with the Manchester pic I got from Reina, I decided to finish the trio with Bulldog and Rawalpindi Now I just need to get around to a full trio shot And as usual, fitting music:
  6. I know that we all voted on who we thought Enterprise was (I can't remember if I voted for her or for Eddie)
  7. Lovely commission from Glasstrinity. Manchester and Captain John Falshaw
  8. A wonderful Manchester commission from Reina (twitter link). Highly recommend checking them out when they have commissions available. If you're wondering what she's playing, well, isn't it obvious?
  9. I'll join in and vote C1
  10. A sporran is the furry pocket on the front of a kilt. Auld Reekie means Old Smokey, referring to the city of Edinburgh when coal and peat fire smoke covered the skies
  11. Woo! I hope we get Eddie's interview at some point soon. It would be nice to get to know another Town-class. And I loved getting to see the sisterly dynamic between her and Belfast. I wonder then if maybe Belfast would ever do any interviews or is Wichita the one and only, because I'm there for the sibling rivalry
  12. Here's a link to his channel you can pass along as well. He's very much into history as well, as well as just general war stuff. Ton of his videos are on World of Tanks and World of Warships https://www.youtube.com/user/BohemianEagle
  13. The first words out of my mouth after watching the trailer were “PUPPER HAS PUPPER OUTFIT” so I hope you’re ready to get my wallet mailed to you for that, Legate. Also on the content creator/influencer front, TheMightyJingles, the Gnomish overlord, might be a good pick as well. He’s a fan of Girls und Panzer and Kancolle, and I think he also has some Arpeggio of Blue Steel stuff
  14. With only a handful of update weeks left, can we finally get a date for release if it is to be this year? Or if not, a statement that it will be next year and when abouts it would be? The worst would be to get to the last available update week and suddenly get dropped with "We won't be releasing it this year, won't be until next year".
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