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  1. I have neither the time nor the care to make a long post, I just want an answer.


    What year is this game *actually* coming out. At this point I don't care if it doesn't come out this year, or the next year or the next, but you guys have taken an extraordinarily long time, and quite frankly I do not believe you when you say the game is coming later this year. So please, be honest, and tell us when you KNOW it's gonna come out.

  2. If you've ever played Xcom you know how important the air game is. If you've ever cracked open a history book you know how important the air game is. If you've ever heard of the sinking of the Bismarck, Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea, Taranto, Midway, etc, you know how important the air game is.

    my support is for Kagawa

  3. I'm afraid not, Proc. They're referring to the Morgana named "Corruption." Though, that is something I'd like to see....

    Ohhhh my :D.


    Wait...Morgana Corruption? So...as in the Belles being turned into Morganas? Fascinating :D.

    I second these motions, for all its faults some of my fave Kantai art is the shipgirls drawn as abyssals, but to tell the truth for now I'm Absolutely thrilled we're getting fanart at all. The fact that we're getting some quite a bit before launch bodes well for what we'll be getting after it.

  4. Glad to finally be contributing, been around since the kickstarter only had 20k. Figured better late then never, and I'll be more then glad to ride the voctory belles hype train out with you guys all the way to Kancolles grave XD


    In honor of my getting off my ass and actually doing things though, a song is in order!


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