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  1. I'm not sure how many updates this story went through, but I have to say it reads rather well. Hope we get to see another chapter of the Iron Dog. As for the effectiveness of AA, I think we may need to have a thread just debating the topic of conventional non-belle weapons and their performance against Morganas in general. Coming from the Strike Witches fanbase, I have never been a fan of "its magically invincible to normal military munitions" or "nothing except the main character's small-calibre weapon can put a dent in that thing!" as justification for this kind of situation.
  2. I feel like there's quite a few stories behind this XD So basically the amount of experience you have in the game is meaningless if you don't put any effort into understanding the mechanics of the game?
  3. Just took a look at the LWM guides, thanks for the links. They're really helpful I would hold off on getting scharnhorst except for the fact its the god damn scharnhorst, with a limited offer for only the next 10 days to boot. Adding in the fact its actually cheaper than Tirpitz, and i may just end up opening my wallet. Another question: what is the best definition for a noob or a new player in WOWS? I imagine that being a veteran at one ship does not prevent you from being a noob at another.
  4. I'm Urza3142 in WOWS. not part of a clan yet and rocking tier 5 non-premiums across the board for IJN and KM, with tier 4 US BBs and DDs as well. Most advanced ship I have at this moment is the Ryujo, but planning on grabbing the Aoba once I can purchase another ship slot to keep my Furutaka. As a relatively new WOWS player, I'm looking to get my first premium ship. I've been considering Tirpitz or Scharnhorst, but Atago has also caught my eye. Which of these ships would you guys recommend for someone who is completely new to higher tier gameplay? Price is another consideration, so if there's a chance for any of these ships to go on sale I would rather take that than spend 50$ if I don't have to. If Warspite and Atlanta are as good as I've heard, I might also consider getting them instead.
  5. Thanks for the two articles! Those were very interesting, especially the second one about surface combat doctrine. You may or may not have seen this one already, considering its importance to the Pacific theater. Regardless, I think its interesting enough to warrant a post. This article covers the organization and logistical difficulties that plagued the Land and Naval branches of the Japanese Air Force. http://www.historynet.com/japans-fatally-flawed-air-forces-in-world-war-ii-2.htm
  6. Going to go with IJN this time around. I have too much good history from WOWS, Kancolle, Red Orchestra/Rising Storm, War Thunder, and my own personal fanfiction to not go with WW2 Japan. Guess some of the waifu love from Kancolle really carried over. Also, I enjoy looking at Japan in the historical context of the times. A nation artificially pulled into the modern era is going to have some quirks and unique problems. Ultimately, it was the weaknesses from such a transformation that led Japan to cause great hardship for not only itself but many other Asian nations through their brutal and regressive method of conquest. Wasted potential, really. Which is why I intend to make it different. As for family military history, since that seems to be a thing we're sharing, I've got a bit of a weird situation. On my mum's side, no soldiers but ridiculous amounts of hardship to go around. My grandfather lived through both WW2 and the Korean War, and his older brother (the eldest in the family) was part of a Korean student protest movement until he was killed by the TokkĊ. On my dad's side, quite a few military members in the family who served both in WW2 and in the Air force after the war. My great-grandfather garrisoned New Guinea and never saw action, while a close friend of the jewish line of the family was a paratrooper in the 101st. Unfortunately, many documents, pictures, and relatives have been lost over the years. I'd be hard pressed to find more specific details about what happened, let alone logs like some of the other fellows on here.
  7. Hello there. This is my first post on this forum, but hopefully not the last. In regards to a favorite ship, I am a firm believer in withholding judgement before getting to know the Belles personally. I will be holding off on a "Best Ship" until I get to converse in detail with them. However, that doesn't prevent me from having initial judgements. Of all the belles that have had an interview, I am most interested in in the development of Scharnhorst, Nerpa, Admiral Graf Spee, and Fubuki. Aesthetically, La Motte-Picquet, Mahan, and Belfast also caught my eye. However, the true measure of a "Best Ship" for me is one who manages to hit both categories with ease, and thus the ship I can declare as best would be Axum, without a doubt. Still, that could change greatly depending on how the characters develop over the course of the game, and whether some new Belle catches my eye. I'm still crossing fingers for at least one of the Kongou class battlecruisers to make it in the game. I'm a sucker for battlecruisers I guess.
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