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  1. Something that might be doable almost immediately might be to peek at something like Amazon's affiliate program. Along with each Belle, provide links to relevant history books or naval material on Amazon (or some such.) Not everyone would already know all the history behind each of the Belle's namesakes, so it might be interesting for those who were curious to learn more. So BCS could use the research they have already done to recommend books, including texts such as Mahan's book. It would be mostly just pocket change, but it might be relatively easy to do (since BCS has already done a lot of research) and also educational.
  2. For silly, over the top, and unnecessary, I would have to go with hydrofoils. And the wave motion gun is never silly or unnecessary. Like the classic little black dress, every fashionable Belle should have at least one around.
  3. Making sense helps a lot. Ars Nova was really too compressed, story-wise.
  4. In so far as 'Arpeggio of Blue Steel' goes, crunchyroll.com has the manga available to subscribers in English, volumes 1-9, with 10 in progress. I tend to prefer the story line in the manga to date compared to the anime as, over time, the people, motivations, and politics get more complicated. Though I hope the authors manage to eventually address all of the crazy plot threads running around successfully.
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