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  1. After Sept. 1 1939 eh? >:3 Let's see... -Enterprise and Yorktown kind HAVE TO be included... Two of the more famous USN carriers... Hornet as well, maybe with her carrying a model of a B-25 bomber with her as a reminder of the Doolittle raid... -One I really want to see is Graf Zeppelin~ She might be tough to consider as 'completed', but she was technically launched by the time the war started, and would have been operationally finished by mid-1940... (Damn you Germany for all those production delays/gear rerouting!!) -I don't really know of many British/Polish/Italian/Turkish/Russian ships to add also... I'm trying to keep it to actually built designs that really aren't copies of other nations ships... I'm sure England's later battleship/carrier designs will make it in! -Please tell me HMS Campbeltown will be around~ Would love to hear her thoughts on having been used as a massive ship-bomb to destroy the gates at the Normandie dry dock... (Her original name prior to RN service was USS Buchanan~ Buchanan would be around already, since she was operating since 1919) -The soviet submarine S-13 would be an interesting one, simply because of her involvement in the "largest loss of life in a single ship sinking"... She was commissioned in 1941, so I think she fits into that year category, despite her launch in 1939... I can't think of any other notable ships... But, I know these few have some interesting/historic stories~ (I'm also crap at thinking of art designs... Feel free to come up with what any of these possible Belles would wear, since the best I can think of is military uniforms of their country with a few personal additions) (Also, I know that Enterprise/Yorktown were around pre-Sept. 1939, but we haven't seen/heard anything about them~)
  2. I think I'm with Arzuros... I'm gonna need to see more pictures, as well as who's being added during what section of the timeline (Who's added in 1939 and release? Who's added in 1940? etc. etc. etc.) Fairly good guarantee that my 'best' will probably be a German, but it'll depend on look and combat performance~ I love Spee's look so far, as well as Scharnhorst's, Z18's and Z17s.... But, I like most of the Belles so far~
  3. I'm going for Germany~ I have several ships (and U-Boats~) that I plan on trying to get and German ships look so good~ Plus, Scharnhorst looks so cute~
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