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  1. I noticed that she survived only 3 days into the war. As a starting polish belle, you may face a dangerous death date before you even have a chance to get a second belle, so she may be the only one you CAN sortie that day, and she'll be rather weak. It will be an excellent test of what you can get from death dates if you manage to win, and also an example of how horribly difficult death dates can be to deal with. I highly suggest backers with the polish starting tier post on the forums at the game's release as they will be the first to experience this important aspect of the game.


    I...I'm sure I'll be fine! N...Nothing bad will happen... R...Right? >_<


    And I'll certainly be playing as Poland at the start, so if anything does, I'm sure I'll post it no worries~

  2. *Peeks in*


    Ooh~ Its me, yay~




    It felt, very much, as if I were on a precipice. I suppose only time will tell what happens next.


    C...Clearly what happens next is that I retire from being a Belle, and become an Admiral in charge of Poland's defence!... D...Definitely nothing bad at all!

  3. Hey there! im from a certain ship game & i've seem to have came across your kick-starter page from youtube & then from Himeuta


    also i have 1 question will there be an option for us with no Pay-pal or Credit Card to support the game? (im from the Philippines & my options here a very limited like Load Central, MOL & etc)


    I'm not 100% sure this would actually work, so I'd check further before actually spending money, but Paypal allows you to pay with a credit card without having an account, so perhaps you can get a prepaid credit card and use that?


    (I don't know about the Philippines but over here you can just get them from pretty much anywhere that sells gift cards.)

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