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  1. Speaking of Katsuragi, I got her in one of my E-4 runs. But I already have her
  2. Jeez, cleared the event at last. Failed E-4 Medium last dance 21 times yesterday(that includes red before boss node and failed to kill boss even when I arrive there). First sortie today? suddenly done. Here's the replay https://twitter.com/XKrieg/status/768663990805213184 Got all event ships(including drops) + Akizuki There are a few previous event ships that I already have too.
  3. I-26 and Warspite are both must haves for me. Will probably just scrap Minazuki since I have limited ship slot. As for Aquila, although I'd like to have her as a CV her stats are even worse than a CVL so I dunno... probably not going to farm for her(if I get her I'll keep her but if I don't, meh)
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvPE1duxh_A "ad-mire-al"... why? Aside from that though, I guess her english is fine.
  5. I wish they would redesign some of the older ships. I'd love for Kitakami to have a new and better look. And yes, the new ship is definitely Warspite.
  6. Newest rumors says that it is not Aquila but perhaps a British BB. The person who said this says that it is not Prince of Wales or Repulse. So...Hood? Warspite? or King George V? we shall see. Note: the rumors could also be false. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Early Access. I got an e-mail that gave me a code. I think it's pretty easy to get access though.
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