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  1. yey~ we get too see Mahan again we missed you and this may sound biased to my upbringing and my location but i'd pick option Spam i love it, and we only get to eat a can every now and then if we are not on a tight budget (it's expensive where im from ok)

  2. 5 hours ago, David J said:

    @AuraForte The fanart that I commissioned according to the artists belong to me and that I could do whatever I want, most of them ask permission from me to use in their gallery, and I always let them. I do not mind if you upload my commissioned fanart onto danbooru or the like, I know Melisa and Megaween has some pieces of art on those sites. Oddly enough Melisa's Fubuki commission work does not show up on danbooru but does on gelbooru.


    that's probably cause none on the Approver's up voted it within 3 days it's like a quality check for danbooru though gelbooru is a mirror site of Dan which just uploads everything danbooru has without any one checking (this happened to the bulldog art i tried to upload there too)

    and thanks for the Permission David!

  3. 12 hours ago, Procyon said:

    They basically summed up the question like Short Round.


    i know it kinda kills the fantasy that some of us have but judging how VB has been doing things kinda had the feeling they would take the close to real life approve without hampering immersion and fun. 

    (cries in a corner for no Harem T_T)

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