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  1. wow i like how BCS is handling this i actually didn't expect to read *ahem* this kind of work, she fascinating & frank i like her ^^
  2. aw... she's just a darling, nice work Lolwut ^^
  3. thanks for sharing this awesome program XD
  4. So basically your telling us that we will have the capability to modify our belles to excel in a particular area to a degree, but I'm assuming this will have some drawbacks as well? or is it the modification(temp) not great enough to give it a disadvantage?
  5. lolwut I'm one of the guys who didn't enter kick-starter, my main reason was i didn't have a paypal/creditcard and i am waiting for the release & hoping that there will be a MOL payment or steam in the game in the future as those are the only two i have access at the moment.
  6. this week could be hers Dshuncks arnt you glad sticking with her for months ^^
  7. this update was just gold had me laughing all the way. & whats this talk about the host?
  8. if your fine with watching Animu try Girl's und Panzer/High School Fleet/Kancolle & etc. for a game i guess you can try Panzer Waltz. there is a "bootleg" K.C. you can try that is in English. (& yes it is calling itself official & no they closed down the forums due to the flame wars/Hate on it.) but honestly World of Warships would be your safe bet if you actually want to play with the ships. (or Steal Ocean, another CN bootleg, yes most if not all bootlegs are pay to win) ps: most of what i wrote above are of my personal opinion other may differ. o/
  9. being with her should be quite fun & a bit fattening if you don't watch out what your eating with her but i'd sure love to have her on my fleet
  10. Kirov looks fantastic! @Lolwut if you want to get into digital art try buying a Tablet first, i got a Bamboo tab as my first one it was cheap but it did the job
  11. Lolwut mind if i ask what tools you are using? seems like you use a Marking Pen for the outlines but i could be wrong
  12. can't wait to actually hear her lines without Mahan's censorship in the game, sounds like it will be fun.
  13. B4 will it be possible next time to have the names of the belles on the voting image as some of us dont actually know who they are
  14. also i think when you reach the end of one route/story you are free to start again in a different nation with all of your ships & etc
  15. he prolly meant you use Imgur.com as an Img Host like this:
  16. Before VB is going to Release will there be a Beta first or something else?
  17. so the starter ship will most likely be DD's? as they are the work horse of the fleet (not to mention the most made)
  18. if they were made & launcher (or on) before 39 they maybe in the game as atm BCS is only revealing a few from the roaster.
  19. Nicely done, It's very cute & I love how you shade & highlight the hair it's unique.
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