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  1. we'll be waiting, & cya tomorrow
  2. if your on mobile try using the option go to full site, but it's recommended that you use a PC for ease of use ohh & welcome ^^ Be sure to join the Voting for the upcoming interviews & there is a Discord channel for Victory Belle's if you want someone to chat with.
  3. hoo... is this the artist who Collaborated with Wargaming for the WoW's comic?
  4. would anyone mind translating what those text are saying?
  5. any update whether GaijinGumba will have a look at the Bulldog interview?
  6. about this topic does this mean that somehow, sometime in the future the Belle's will have Event/Alternate dresses?
  7. yep & there was one guy who made a fan-book about USN ships & was working on the RN last i saw
  8. Mahan hinted that there will be something by the end of the year i wonder waht it will be?
  9. the unique style is awesome & Mahan just got Cuter lastly are most of these artists from JP or?
  10. lastly will there be an option to turn off text filtering? for those players who are "adults"
  11. Ok enough Bacon's [Question] will VB have an official chat-room? & if it is what platform will we be using? or will there be an in-game world chat?
  12. some how i like this new artist's style David brought (i wanna color it soo bad!)
  13. is it possible for some unique belles to appear in the game? not as Combat units but serve other roles like NPC's & etc? Ships like the USN's Ice Cream Barge or USS Echo a schooner spy ship in the pacific or other ships from other Navies?
  14. maybe thats Salmon's version?
  15. wow bulldog looks awesome!
  16. ok so it's just the media or the navy giving them names so people can recognize them if they played a very significant role which deserved attention?
  17. Hmm.... interesting i think i'll go with -Matriarch Naval Corps -Ravage Defense Force -Sentinel Armada -Miracle Fleet or I could just be silly & name it "My Harem" but I'd get shot if I use that. lastly i found a "Fleet Name Generator" as i was searching some ideas for the names [Question] how do real Navies make names for their fleets though I'm kinda curious?
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