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  1. yeah it kind reminds me of this guy
  2. Wow! I didn't expect us getting both in this interview! awesome! I love it!
  3. guys guys lets keep the political talk to a minimum as it tends to heat up quite quickly ok? wait next Interview will be Bulldog? & it will be a Video? omg YAS!!!!
  4. it seems that my vote for DDoS on the first page was not counted it seems. dang it T_T (well it was pretty vague... but still.. dang....)
  5. agreed on the topic, correct me if i'm wrong but Kumano's sword on her hip looks like a Saber judging the hilt. right?
  6. nah that wasn't a flame war quite far from it actually these guys are just posting their opinions & views around the subject, but when they do start swearing & calling each other Nazi's or comparing each other to Hitler then the moderators might have to step in.
  7. um... razor srry to burst your bubble but the voting is over... but need not worry as for the way things are the one you voted is most likely to win.
  8. very nice & thanks for the stream ^^ it was enjoyable.
  9. how much time left till the stream?
  10. lol that sounds fun im in! but for now Nevada is winning by a large margin
  11. im kinda curious how this will turn out
  12. I have a question? will the Captain[the player] be mostly identified as Male or Female? as i have played game like this with some similarities & most if not all of them tend to lean towards identifying the player as male, or will it be something else? [Edit] if the question is invalid or the answer is still in the works & can't be revealed in public yet I'm fine with it if you don't give me/us an answer as it's only made out of pure curiosity.
  13. wait a Morgana was actually in the pool? @_@ i didnt know i wonder how the interview would be like? would we get a different interviewer other than Mahan or would Mahan herself have to capture one to be interviewed?
  14. @ yeah the music was awesome oh & here is the Music Video/Short Film for Shelter (i like the story quite a bit) The animation was done by A-1 Pictures with the story from Porter and the music was done by him and Madeon
  15. listening to a song by "Aimee Blackschleger" from Aldnoah & yes she is american XD
  16. I vote for C3 as I am from the Area where they operated in "Leyte & Samar" (and yes they have they're own Statues in the are to commemorate their victory)
  17. she hit mahan! T_T aw... poor girl... (though i do admit it was quite amusing)
  18. Dunkerque looks like she has morning hair on that one... though it's still cute
  19. please do tell us if there are any upcoming as some of us here are from Developing countries arnt able to afford the rates, but we would love to support if given the chance
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