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  1. ahh... this is just amazing..... i hope someone will put this up in one of the booru img boards so it gets more attention
  2. are there any colored works?
  3. i just love the comedic interactions of Mahan & Leningrad.. i hope we get to see more of it in a later period of time
  4. @Ninja: it wasn't a suggestion for BCS to make but i agree it would cost more to make them, that's office on the ship right? what bout an Office in the HQ? the one on land i mean that one won't change much unless you do something drastic @Dwen: yeah a place where you can hang & display your trophies & achievements would be nice.
  5. as the tittle says what do you guys think the Captain's Room or Office might look like? or How would you wan't it to look like if you had one, What things would you put in there if you were given an option to customize it? Would it be small and cozy or large spacious and accommodating your needs?
  6. 20 torps per broadside it still scares me even now... @_@
  7. i love & i can almost understand her Spanish mix-ins it's lovely i guess i better ask my mom for the others that i dont.
  8. She's impressive in her own right & i like her attitude ^^
  9. is this the section where we vote who ill be the next belle to be interviewed?
  10. well i did see this so if the Dev team & the players will go to modern era.... well...... something like this could happen i like nukes but using them on shipgirls is overkill (thats not mentioning these girls can stay hidden for months on end)
  11. @LoM how about the time limit? which time frame will the game stop at? (other games like wows stop making ships at the 1960's)
  12. thank you very much for the answers, it does give me hope for the later ships that will come ^^
  13. I've been curious for a while on when & if there is a time limit on which ships that can be in the game. im assuming it's only limited to till 1939? or will it cover more ships past that year? (hoping it will be past that since one of my fave ships was commissioned in 1942)
  14. Hey there! im from a certain ship game & i've seem to have came across your kick-starter page from youtube & then from Himeuta also i have 1 question will there be an option for us with no Pay-pal or Credit Card to support the game? (im from the Philippines & my options here a very limited like Load Central, MOL & etc)
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