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  1. We have scheduled a CAH Game-night this Wednesday at 9:30 EST. Time is subject to change.
  2. The Germans always looks cool in my opinion.
  3. Saw the Fubuki wallpaper, I love it. Shame I can't like the post. Anyway take all my luck I am saving for VB as appreciation.
  4. Then can I request a Fubuki Wallpaper then.
  5. *pataponvideo for WarThunder. Ground Forces for life.
  6. I can now see a Oneshot of a Belle choosing a dog as her captain.
  7. Because of the discussion in the Discord chat and the lack of attention to the minor nation navies I feel like it is a good idea to make a thread about minor nation and their navies as some of them did some amazing things in WWII.
  8. Depends on the captain's action and how the crew view him, if the captain earn his crew loyalty though hard-work then the random person replacing him will earn the ire of the crew. However if the ship is brand new and has a freshly picked crew then the random person replacing the captain will not have large negative impact on the crew and their performance.
  9. If the Like This worked for meh I would like it. Also added to the index.
  10. I wonder if I should edit my OP and add an index since I saw Yuri fanfiction thread.
  11. A.N: This was some thing silly I wrote in the Discord Chat. Mahan's stares at her captain's face before looking towards his hand. "Captain, can you explain to me why you have my panties in your hands?" Her voice maintaining a neutral tone while carrying a sharpe edge. "Because I thought it was a towel." Sighing at the dumb response Mahan started to walk closer to her captain. Sniffing the air she could tell her captain was out drinking on duty. Not only did her captain steal her panties but he was also drinking on duty, such a poor performance could not be tolerated. Taking her panties from her captain's hand she grabbed him by the ear ignoring his yelp of pain and started to drag him back to his office. "Captain, such a poor performance cannot be tolerated. You need to be taught a lesson, and nothing you're going to say will get you out of this."
  12. It's good, nice to see people starting to post fanfics in teh thread. I'm planing on transferring the Oneshot I wrote in the Discord chat here but I need to rewrite the final scene.
  13. One day someone will make a Oneshot of Reltats stealing Mahan's panties.
  14. We all know sooner or later someone was going to make a Victory Belle's fanfiction so I decided to make a thread for people to post their fanfic ideas and fanfiction. This thread was made so when fanfictions of Victory Belles were made they would have a place to be posted at. Now for my Ideas, The life of a Admiral leading his ships The state of the world before and during the Morgana threat The formation of the Anti-Morgana International Task Force AMITF Random One Shots detailing events in the world Whelp I'm out of ideas. Edit: Because I saw DrYuriMom story thread I'm now adding an Index The Improbable Captain by DrYuriMom http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=3248 A Bittersweet Symphony - The Tale of Manchester and Captain Falshaw by Wellington99 http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=3252 Iron Fish by Fallschirmjager http://academagia.invisionzone.com/index.php?showtopic=3253
  15. Instead of being the clone trying to become the original make your own path Victory Belle, don't become a game people will refer to you as the KanColle clone of the west. Become something so grand that people will have to acknowledge that your not a KanColle Clone but a game called Victory Belle.
  16. In Soviet Russia you don't play a web game with Belles, Belles play a web game of human.
  17. https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/kant-o-celle-quest-a-kantai-collection-game-transcribed-from-4chan.19609/ Someone made an archive so you won't have to deal with the hassle of finding Planefag's posts.
  18. I wouldn't mind being friends Kirov, Fubuki, Henley, and Velasco. They seem like nice ships to hangout with.
  19. Helping other player as support will be most my thing since I am mostly a supporter.
  20. You do have valid points as people may associate VB Germany with the Nazi party and all their war crimes. Same with Japan. However this is a game were not a lot of people will not know about thus giving us the chance to influence the opinion of the masses. If people in the community can prove to the majority that to playing as the Axis nation is not a big deal then I feel like most people will be okay playing as them. Their are still people who will still be uncomfortable with playing as them and people who will call players the choose them as Nazi sympathizer but they will be in the minority.
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