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  1. The reason I help kickstart VB because a company was trying to making a KanColle game that other people can enjoy without the hassle of trying to make an account for KanColle. But sadly I am not very well verse in business practices as my economics class won't start until the new school year. So I will adopt a wait and see approach to read and judge what BCS will do and how other community will react. But so far VB has caught my interest and I will gladly help BCS in anyway possible so it can grow into a fine community.
  2. And I can already see a perfect use for a blank card for the last black card.
  3. I know nothing from TV so I could not have guess what Cardissians ment.
  4. Should we set up a CAH game schedule so people can know when Nel is streaming and let people have a chance to join the game?
  5. Depends on how long they want the invite to last. Edit: Here a permanent Invite Link. Edit 2: Link has been removed.
  6. Reading this I can't help but think of a International Joint Navel Task Force or something of the sorts happening in the future.
  7. LoM; My knowledge of pre-WWII and WWII ship tactics is lacking as I'm more of a tank person. What I do know is America tactics were evolved in some areas while lacking in others, (I'm looking at you MK-14s) and Japan had the most advanced ship construction due to it being a island nation. What I am interested is when the game progress dose the date change with it. Meaning dose the date effect what technology is invented to better improve/worsen Belle's performance in the field, add new Belles as new ship design are made, and add new events.
  8. It would be a hard choice for me, but I more likely go for my home country of the United States. You could never go wrong with good old fashion American muscle.
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