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  1. this is an interesting question, especially for the personality of E. Will she be the hero, the embodiment of the ship who stood against a nation and won? Will she be the leader, the one who leads her navy to greatness? Will she be a Vengeful ghost, a revenant striving to avenge her sisters? Will she be the Determined warrior, the ship that continued her fight into the depths of the night, and indeed, to the dawn beyond, to get her victory? All of these are things Enterprise could be.


    A bitter war vet that was thrown away as soon as it was convenient to do so.

  2. Thinking something related to Enterprise. Probably related to what Wellington and DrYuriMom has written, but I wonder if I shouldn't diversify a bit.


    I want to explore the fact that a random person being chosen as captain will probably not sit well with the existing crew regardless of what regulation says. I want to explore that aspect a bit more, but I'm not a very good writer so coming up with ideas for a good drama is what I would need to pointers about.


    It also helps that the ship is quite new if we look at her commissioning date.

  3. Waltzcarer;


    As Fifrein noted, Operations tend to have significant areas not under Mist (some have no Mists at all), so there is a lot for a Belle Carrier to do. But when you go into those Mists, they become very limited.




    Aircraft launched from a Belle's ship are still regular aircraft, with human pilots and the like. They can only aid them to a certain degree, although they can provide a little help, here and there.


    The Belle herself can sense the Morgana, though.


    That makes a lot of sense, good to know.


    Now, time to ready all of the Kickstater material.

  4. Waltzcarer;


    In the early days of '39: carriers are almost entirely ineffective in the Mists (warning: not true for the Morgana carriers.)


    Yes: when you leave, you have to give the ship a once over to get the residue off.


    What implications does this have for gameplay? I see a carrier that was introduced, so I assume they have some purpose in '39

  5. Knowing about the mists and such, how effective would a carrier be? Judging from what has been said, the early days would prove difficult for carrier operations.


    On another note, seeing as the mist leaves stuff on one's clothes. Would a ship suffer from the same fate? IE: Having to be scrubbed down if it manages to exit the mist due to having stuff all over it.

  6. I can offer the resource of my papa's 600 sq foot military history library. He's been collecting Naval Institute Press tomes (among other goodies) since the late 60's and had to build an addition to the house to hold them all.




    For those interested he professionally writes military science fiction. Mike Shepherd and the Kris Longknife series published by Ace. Can be found on the shelves at Barnes and Noble everywhere. :)








    Yeah, I'm a proud daughter. :)


    That is going to be incredibly interesting to check out.




    Unfortunately I can no longer guarantee I can pull people in from WoWs to help out with content. I'll keep trying but it seems we have help in regards to that. On the other hand, I can throw in some help in regards to anything not technical.

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