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  1. Either way, though shes adorable! I absolutely love her. Nothing says confidence like self depreciation!
  2. Hey Legate, just for curiosities sake...is there going to be any more plans for the chibis (of the belles) that were drawn for the Kickstarter(in the main game hopefully!)? Because it would be pretty cool to see them in battle or as icons or such.. (and they are just too adorable to forget about...)
  3. If its the same board as last week, Im voting for D4! New Orleans!
  4. So a bunch of us were talking in the Forums and than Hyperion brought up having Soviet Propaganda with Belles... Would it be possible/How cool would it be to see Propaganda posters and Propaganda videos of the Belles for their respective nation! Especially as we get closer to release date trying to convince people to change their starting nations!
  5. Welp, in the spirit of things im switiching from B4 to A2. You owe me Welly!
  6. D1 for me! Have fun Sandman at Relaxin' Jackson! Im a Benning Boy myself.
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