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  1. Gah, that means I must wait to see if glorious Hipper gets to make an appearance in '39!
  2. Hehehe, My favorite German Belle till I see Hipper(at least in '39)! But I loved her personality though, the right mixture between historical and her mischievous nature!
  3. Ill go with Nurnberg aka Admiral Makarov! The only other notable German ship to survive WW2 besides Prinz Eugen!
  4. Onee-chan! Ive missed you! But in all seriousness, She also seems like the nurturing type so she will always have a place in my fleet!
  5. Yay! Canarias! One of the main reasons I ended up backing VB! Almost had a nose bleed when I saw her... But aside from that I absolutely love her, and her personality is an absolute joy!
  6. Hehehe, since I got Canarias... This week Im voting for E2 De Ruyter!
  7. I feel like trolling and keeping up a tie, Im changing my vote from Canarias to A2.
  8. A nice down to Earth kinda gal, really fantastic! Plus as they say the way to a mans heart is through his stomach! Definitely going to have to get her into the Kriegsmarine one way or another...
  9. Nerpa is absolutely adorable! Definitely going have to get her to join the Wolf Pack...
  10. Im throwing my vote behind Canarias as usual!
  11. Well, I just taking potshots but Im glad to have hit something!
  12. Part of it may be in fact that during the interwar period, many Japanese Officers went overseas(many to the US) as exchange officers, students and attaches. So its referencing the Officer etiquette that they experienced while being overseas, and the the traditional garb also represents the fact that many of the Captains and Naval officers had bloodlines to Samurai classes. But thats just my two cents!
  13. Oh Canada our friendly but often forgotten about neighbors up north.
  14. Im throwing my vote behind Canarias as usual!
  15. Well, looks like Im going to have a bit of stiff competition to keep Nurnberg mine...
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