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  1. Well, Stalins love of the Occult/Curses could rival the Nazis...
  2. Its getting too crazy in here... Im just going hide behind Nurnberg and Canarias... And Ill just put this here...
  3. Im throwing my weight behind Canarias as I do every week!
  4. Hahaha, It was one of the rare moments I could bring those quotes into use so I couldnt let it go to waste. But also our mutual wanting to resink the HMS Hood!
  5. Hahaha, Thanks Nel...but than again in the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger, "You're a funny guy, Sully. I like you. That's why I'm going to kill you last."
  6. I was never really able to get into a Bethesda RPG, I was never really comfortable with sandboxes like that so I tended to prefer story heavy games from Bioware RPGs and Atlus(Mostly on the Shin Megami Tensei/Persona).
  7. If I remember correctly, it just kinda pauses for you and you can catch up on your own time. So you dont lose anything if you leave it alone, I think the only thing it affects is story and that will be put on hold if you dont play for a while.
  8. Are there going to be any heterochromia Belles? Because Ive always been a sucker for any character that had two different eye colors... And is there going to be any mechanics around remodeling/upgrading Belles? Sorry if this was asked but as I started to think about how with how many differing ships got upgrades to match how the war was going, is this going to to affect the Belles and if they do will they change the Belles looks/art? (This is more of a question about upgrades the Belles may receive throughout the war since remodels I believe would get different art so that brings up the question would upgrades be through equipment?)
  9. Owwww...someone decided to hit below the belt...
  10. Battle of the Giants, The Bismarck Sisters vs the Yamato Sisters. Always fun to see two titans duke it out.
  11. Ewww...Royal Navy Ships... (But in all honesty, it was a great interview and always lovely to see a Belle with such a straight face and hospitality that borders along the lines of invasive!)
  12. Just ram 'em! Nel- Glad Im not the only one planning on rolling with a super heavy fleet!
  13. Im throwing in my hat for Canarias!
  14. Why use battlecruisers when you can have fast battleships?
  15. I guess the point of contention is that at the times the ships were built they were not bad investments, in fact they were the best investments at the times when they were built. And by that point where they were no longer the best the resources were already invested into the Battleships. Most navies attempted to put more resources into carriers but by that point it was a day late and a dollar short. Like what happened to poor Shinano... In a sense it is making a bad investment. You see what did successfully and you invest your resources thinking it will continue being successful, however it ends up being a dud and you lose your investment. There is nothing you can really do but see what you lost and try save whats left but that initial investment is still lost.
  16. But at the same time, you have to remember that new weapons arent really important until they prove their worth. So, by the time the carriers have proven their worth in comparison to battleships the war was in full swing. The military always prefers more reliable weapons than new ones. As well as the fact that battleships were a point of pride for a country so that cant really be overlooked either.
  17. Awhhh, You guys beat me to the punch about Lady Lex and The Blue Ghost... However there is always all this talk about Yamato, Yamato, Yamato. Did you guys ever think about how Musashi feels? Doesnt she also deserve love?
  18. I wouldnt worry too much, by the looks of it (so far, feel free to correct me if I am wrong Legate) but for players that like the more technical/gameplay aspects have a system that is very deep and has a lot to explore, learn and perfect their own gaming styles. But for those that want to experience the story and more narrative driven players the more technical aspects can be kinda glanced over and ignored so they can enjoy the story.
  19. Well, that settles the Doctrinal love I have in a lot of my Strategy games...Which also kinda explains why Im going to be a Kriegsmarine player...
  20. Hahaha yes it is. Just like in Panzer Waltz where they allow you to have to two different teams, one for defense and you can choose your offense team. So what a lot of non-ranking Commanders will do is intentionally keep a weak defense team to make sure they stay in a lower bracket. Then they would have an extremely powerful attack team that can easily destroy their way through the teams of the bracket they are in... Not necessarily a build but it does have something to say about the balancing... But from what Ive seen you guys put out, it doesnt really seem like their would really be an OP build, since depending how your Flag Commands are with the equipment is not necessarily an "OP Build" more of soft counters but alot of differing factors would affect who would win with a lot of planning/strategy and fair amount of luck to determine the battle!
  21. Fifrein- Whats the problem with it being a bit unbalanced? Since it seems like its mostly going to be a single player game I dont really see a problem as long as their are more difficult modes and events to challenge your Fleets. The only problem that I can think of for balancing is for a PvP kinda element where balancing is necessary to make sure that people stay within their proper rank and new players dont get frustrated. But (partially due to fact I am one of those players) if a Captain wants to extremely OP and get satisfaction of having that in his game why not? (Plus you can always have fun challenging them by introducing a Hell mode or something like that during events).
  22. I had a two part question involving the the players Captain and crews though they kinda blend into each other. First question is are crews going to treated just like equipment? That for the ships you will have (for simplification sake in the example I only put two), an officer and a Chief slot and each will dictate certain stats. Like you can have an officer that is exceptionally good at artillery so in turn the Belles get a boost? Second is that will our Captain be able to have their own progression? Or barring that having abilities(Doctrines) able to work in conjunction with the Naval Flag Commands or emphasizing certain Divisions? So on top of having the Flag Commands in which dictate how your ships fight, having certain doctrines to help certain playing styles such as having an Artillery Doctrine(for the battleship lovers) or Carrier Doctrines(for air superiority lovers)? And I guess kinda looping it up with the question above being able to place our captain with our flagship (though thinking about how I worded it...why wouldnt our Captain be on the Flagship...) ?
  23. Well, didnt expect to see that when I came back from work...But it did make my day a little brighter.
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