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  1. Its that drunken strength, lest we wouldnt have things like the Drunken Martial art styles!
  2. An ojou-sama-esque character? Haughty or Arrogant Front nature due to her pride in her specs, however she is hiding having a fear of being thrown away, discarded or being viewed as useless. Or on the other hand have a yandere-esque character who latches on to the captain due to fear of mentioned above.
  3. On the other end she could have a bit of an impatient personality to, due to her constant delays and wanting to see action.
  4. I know...I was just hoping to be able to catch a scrap...But looks like Im going to be depending on Japan for their Carriers.
  5. With the general lack of German Carriers, I know that I will have to depend on Diplomatic channels for most of my Carriers till later years(most likely Japan for me), but its there a chance SMS Stuttgart makes an appearance? or is her time frame a little too early to be included?
  6. And that is why the Kriegsmarine had Wolfpack(Rudeltaktik), even if you cant see them if you have enough numbers you are bound to hit something!
  7. Isnt this the exact reason we have radars? and sonar?
  8. or at least nothing worth seeing.
  9. -gasp- Does that mean in the later years not only will we have to contend with Morganas, we might have to fight factions of the government that believe Belles are destructive and created weapons capable of harming Belles and Morganas? Nothings better than a little political intrigue and a little civil war! This is the kinda thing that drew me ridiculously into Sins of a Solar Empire:Rebellion...
  10. Welp, to make sure the stalemate doesnt go anywhere...Im putting my vote for Canarias!
  11. Though a little off topic, would you mind making me a sig Nel?
  12. I dont know much about the fan-translation, but none of Sony's stuff is region locked so you dont have to worry about being able to play it.
  13. Hahaha, pick a fight with the world just to see if you can win eh? As Bismarck said, "Blut und Eisen"!
  14. Well, in that time I can have the ME109s and then mix them with the P51s when they arrive to have a nearly ultimate Air Supremacy Wing!
  15. Well, that means as Germany I have my work cut out for me to attempt to get the USS Enterprise as well as being able to get my hands on their lovely P51 Mustangs! If I wasnt excited before, boy am I excited now!
  16. A little of the topic, though I would imagine it would be pretty interesting if you had both the Bismarck and HMS Hood together...O_O
  17. This popped up on another thread where they were talking about planes. But I ended up wondering during the air supremacy portions of combat if you are close to an ally base can you get ground air support to help you win air supremacy? And for air supremacy on top of the stats the Belles have for AA, will we be be able to have varied compositions for the Belles that carry planes so that we have to choose different compositions of fighters and bombers/dive bombers for combat? With the amount of planes varying from ship to ship and the planes reflecting their models by nation and the years they came into production? Sorry for the large amount of questions, when I started typing the questions kept on popping up in my head.
  18. Never mind, it ended up embedded so...Enjoy?
  19. You see...one of the first VNs I played was School Days...and I fell in love with it forever warping my tastes (Sekai Saionji will forever hold a special place in my heart). Something about how the characters are written and drawn always has some crazy amount of allure to them. Legate- Well... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TuvwS9Mkf-w ...(I put it as a link to help protect those who havent played School Days...and those you dont enjoy Yandere...You have been warned! NSFW)
  20. I do have to say that I hope that an obsessive almost if not Yandere Belle appears...I have always had a soft spot for those kinds of characters.
  21. "Wha-why are you pointing your cannons at me? I swear we are just friends!" Battle Hymn of the Commanders attempting to romance multiple Belles.
  22. Im going to throw in a vote for my planned starter Nurnberg!
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