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  1. If possible I would love it if the entirety of Taffy 3 (USS Johnston, USS Samuel B. Roberts, USS Hoel and USS Heermann) could get included in due to their actions at the Battle of Samar. That every single one of the ships fought with suicidal drive managing to force the IJN to break off contact thinking that they were attacking the the main (3rd) Fleet. Especially with the Johnston fighting like a maniac to defend the carriers by charging straight into the battle lines and continuing to fight on even when their engine was damaged and even when they were dead in the water. Or the Heermann who was the only one of the four ships that managed to survive the battle. So the Johnston would have a very cavalier, gungho kinda character part of it being due to the fact that she broke battle lines and charged straight into the heart of the IJN Fleet and fought to the bitter end. But there would also be a very caring but somber kind of character due to the fact that she and and two others fought until their sinking to protect their carriers. Its like seeing a character that doesnt really properly wear their uniform and has a constant smile on their face. While the Heermann would have more of a somber kinda character due to the fact that she was the only one in the group that survived the battle and to the end of War. To the point where she was put into the Atlantic Reserve fleet before being loaned to the Argentinians. So I can imagine her being more serious and more reserved. Considering the fact that she was one of the ships used to support the occupation for a bit it would be a mix between all black in a mourning sense and a nice crisp end of war kinda uniform. But I think I rambled a bit too much so sorry for the wall of text guys.
  2. Man, Im such a sucker for cosmetic items in games like this so thankfully I had enough money saved up to be able to access everything. Hopefully the Belles also get some special colored borders to represent their original exclusive nature. But due to that now I have to look towards getting The Influence of Sea Power Upon History for the alternate costume and the badge...
  3. Ok, that sounds fantastic. That means I can choose to start as Germany and have Nurnberg as my starter and through diplomatic channels I can get Canarias. Thats a load taken off. Though the question I have is will those Kickstarter Exclusive Belles still have the exclusive Badge/Border if we obtain them in game? And if we try to obtain them will they be more difficult to get than normal Belles or would they be the same for backers?
  4. I could imagine Yamato being like that when she is commissioned, due to the nature that she rarely engaged in combat.
  5. This is for later on, but would would it possible to get a list of starting Belles by nation sometime around the release of the beta?
  6. If its too much management they could always be little chibi ships and just have them as equipment just providing stat benefits. Though if they were their own little chibi supply fleet...it would be absolutely adorable. Just like a mother duck being followed by ducklings. But aside from that little comment I think there could be many fun ways to play around with supply fleets. Also as a possible gameplay option, Sending out convoys between bases or other locations for resources? With the possibility of Morganas intercepting them so if you have some extra Belles you can send to escort them? But instead of being between friends having individual expeditions and the such in the same vain of Panzer Waltz's Lifestyles.
  7. Exactly, mobile games are really nice for the fact that when I have school work or full time work I dont have to dedicate the full time or attention that a full game would require. The easiest way to describe it is as a time killer?
  8. I think it would also be really interesting if you could build support fleets as well, though the role in the game would be completely dependent on how the gameplay is. I think it would be really cool if you were able to have a support fleet with your main fleets composed of fuelers and ammunition ships and the like having differing effects on combat and such.
  9. Alas the sad rule of the internet, if something is exploitable it shall be exploited.
  10. Though, I was looking through some of the Belles that have been announced and Lexington has really grown on me. If she is a starting Belle for the USA...I might just have to switch my plans.
  11. XKrieg- I have to agree with you on this one, its one of the rare mobile games I still managed to play consistently. As well as the fact that I dont mind paying for M-Supply from time to time just to support the company.
  12. I never much minded the paying for convenience form of micro-transition, since it never really affects game play and it was always more of an optional kind of thing. Like when I play Panzer Waltz, I dont mind waiting 4-5 days for my HQ to build up. I mean the biggest thing with micro-transactions I believe as long as there are parallel paths to get Belles, equipment or resources speeding up the the ability to get the resources isnt too P2W. Though for RNG I dont think that Belles should be gated off my RNG, but themes and other cosmetics items arent a bad idea if a RNG system is put into place.
  13. I always end up having the same problem when I try to choose best girl especially when I play VNs... The girl or route I always think is going to be best ends up being out shined by another girl or route. So Im just going to play it by ear and wait to make my decision.
  14. The hardest thing with things like that though is for solo players, it puts them in somewhat of a disadvantage since there is a slot that is dedicated for friends a solo player is down one slot.
  15. I have to agree with Dano on this one, the most annoying thing about other mobile games is when you are forced to have friends and guilds to have a chance to be competitive in end game. Plus isnt the greatest victory when its won through your own hands?
  16. With the limited experience I have and the the immense amount of time I spent playing mobile games instead of studying I guess the best thing I can do is throw out my two cents when this thread officially kicks off. But I see I have another Panzer Waltz player here!
  17. Im divided on who to start out with, split between the US and Germany. With the US having the USS Enterprise and possibly the USS Maryland and USS Baltimore. But Germany has all the fun experimental and paper ships! Its such a hard choice.
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