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  1. So I guess the Belles and thus the oceanic fronts of WWII are on a long-term ceasefire, but that does not preclude shore bombardments or air strikes to support ground operations? Does this agreement also include the merchant marine?
  2. By the vestures used to obtain the belles. I'm guessing largely dependant on RNG, but maybe certain dates might increase the chance of the vestures dropping.
  3. Well, it will certainly lead to players doing some research on their preferred ships. Another question In have is what will determine the appearance of items related to Pre-War ships, such as all the ships being interviewed, Big E, and others?
  4. I hate the RNG of the game. GAH!!!!!
  5. How much of the drops are going to be based on RNG? Will in-game date or real life dates alter the drop rates? Sigh...Drop RNG is a PITA in a certain other game...
  6. I think what they're saying is we should avoid using up all of the less heard of Belles way before the game launch date.
  7. That does appear to be a stylized SMLE No. 1 Mark III rifle in her hand.
  8. Is it possible for there to be like a training mode for the belles? Instead of getting rewards, it allows players to see how their ships would fare against certain enemy formations. Injuries can happen but aren't lethal, and it allows Admirals to think carefully when preparing a fleet for a mission.
  9. The Iowas could be slender, athletic, and tall, given they maxed out to barely fit in the Panama Canal. They also had ludicrous amounts of horsepower. Heck, they only needed four boilers to outrun most of the Japanese, and at flank speed easily the fastest battleships around. They also had one of the greatest AA loadouts ever for a Battleship, and her guns fired super-heavy rounds that are right up there in power, just below Yamato's 46 cm guns.
  10. Honestly, despite being a Canadian, I would really want to get this particular ship as a Belle: Her decorations: Presidential Unit Citation Navy Unit Commendation American Defense Service Medal with "Fleet" clasp American Campaign Medal Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal with twenty stars World War II Victory Medal Philippine Presidential Unit Citation Philippine Liberation Medal Plus the British Admiralty Pennant, presented in respect of her legendary service
  11. Given the criteria for when ships appear, it is possible that USS Enterprise (CV-6) will appear early in the game, given that she was a Pre-War carrier. She was also the most decorated USN warship in WWII with 20 battle stars and a Presidential Unit Citation, and even an Admiralty Pennant from the Royal Navy in honour of her service. The interesting question is how she might be portrayed in Victory Belles. How her personality might turn out, and how potent she will be as a Belle. She would be one of three American pre-war carriers without a death date, alongside Ranger and Saratoga. Not to mention, the first carrier designated for flying night operations; if Night battle is implemented, she will be very, very helpful. I think in time, the Morganas will learn to fear the Grey Ghost, the carrier that sank dozens of warships in our history, who for several months became the sole active American fleet carrier in the Pacific.
  12. Of course for the United States, the final sets of Battleships became very useful as AA-platforms. The sheer volume of AA fire from an Iowa-class was simply astounding, plus the big guns were very useful in knocking out shore positions,
  13. Frankly the best USN Admirals were Halsey, Spruance, Lee, Mitscher and Nimitz (being the Naval equivalent of Eisenhower). The best British General is Field Marshal The Right Honourable William Joseph Slim, 1st Viscount Slim, KG, GCB, GCMG, GCVO, GBE, DSO, MC, KStJ The Best Commander of the RN during WWII would be Admiral of the Fleet Andrew Browne Cunningham, 1st Viscount Cunningham of Hyndhope, KT, GCB, OM, DSO & Two Bars
  14. On another note, maybe Esquimalt, BC could later appear as a base for British players operating in the Pacific, especially since the Morgana seem to have a base of operations around the Bering Sea.
  15. Facial structure appears to be nearly identical, and seem to have similar height and build. Of course, everything else is largely different. I do wonder if Vanguard might pop up, considering it just missed the war by two months. She meant to be completed by 1944, only to be hindered by a lack of skill labourers.
  16. LoM: As i mentioned in another thread, it did get to the point where Canada essentially provided 40% of North Atlantic Escorts: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Northwest_Atlantic
  17. Is there a cutoff for death dates by scuttling. After all many ships were later expended during the Atomic tests.
  18. To summarize, they helped protect the critical convoys that kept Britain from starving to death and running out of resources. At the peak, Canada was in control of the Battle of the Atlantic from the Northern Half of the US Seaboard all the way to Iceland. Canadian warships helped bombard the beaches of Normandy, as well as participated in the search for Bismarck. But probably the greatest contribution Canada made in WWII was training hundreds of thousands or Allied Pilots and Airmen under the BCATP, supplying hundreds of thousands of vehicles and weapons, as well as half of the aluminum and 90% of the Nickel used in the war. Not to mention the source of the Uranium used in the Manhattan Project. Canada remains one of the major sources of Uranium in the world, and ultimately a major source for the American stock of weapons grade Plutonium.
  19. I wonder if there are bonuses towards a mission when sortieing a fleet with specific nationalities. For example, an all American fleet would have better coordination as a bonus. A fleet of allied belles would have a bit less than a one-country fleet. Then a mix of ships from both sides of WWII won't have much bonuses, if at all.
  20. Well, at least AFAWK, we don't have to lose any ships in a new game+. Hopefully that remains. Maybe if we get additional artifacts, they can play a role in refitting the belles, kind of like the Kai system in Kancolle. I'm thinking the early Morganas in New Game Plus are gonna get a nasty shock when they face latter belles like the Iowas, the Yamatos, and the late war fleet carriers.
  21. So if there is a new game+, is there a hard limit on who comes along to the new game? Are there ways to keep more belles? It would be a pain to have to restart alot of belles from scratch.
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