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  1. I'll add another vote for the Belle in the upper left!
  2. I think I'll wait until I'm actually playing the game to really commit to one belle, but as of right now (and you can probably guess) it'd be Algerie. I've always been interested in the real life ship, and I love vb's interpretation of her. But I also love Belfast, La Motte-Picquet, and New Orleans, and I'm excited to see more French ships in the future like Richelieu and others like Washington, Iowa, etc.
  3. I'll likely be choosing France as my starting nation. I considered America for a bit, but since I can get any nation's ships regardless of my own nation with some effort, I figured I should go with my heart. I'm just excited that France is an option at all, honestly. Plus... if it means I'm closer to getting Algerie, then it's worth it haha!
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