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  1. Just remembered that I backed this and thought I would check on the progress, but it looks like while some progress has been made, there is still a long way to go? In terms of game assets, like art, speech and writing, that looks that's mostly complete (as it has been for a while), but in terms of the actual game engine/systems most of the progress was made on the battle engine, with work next being on the sortie system? How many systems are there in total? So far I only know of three. maybe four: Battle system Sortie system Crafting Reintegrating art, story etc (mashing it all up together)? So in terms of the actual game backbone (or "back-end") the game is about 25% complete (assuming each module is 100% independent, as well as requiring equal amounts of work)? Or maybe work in module acts as a foundation in another module? Or maybe the battle system was the most complex so that overall progress is higher? Also, as a side note - with the Kickstarter rewards, especially the physical ones - what is the likelihood that the cost of production would increase given the time since original planned shipping date (U.S. tariffs as wells as FX Rate movements etc etc). Is the money reserved (if any has been reserved) likely to still cover the cost of this stuff?
  2. Picture I commissioned of Canarias done by ShuraKRGT. I really like the way he does more mature(?) faces. Wouldn't work for all characters but I think it fits Canarias quite well.
  3. Oh OK. So I take it: (this could be completely wrong, but as questions aren't really being addressed transparently, I'm just going to make a couple assumptions based on what could make logical sense) the game is currently being worked on part-time as this other source of funding must come from somewhere, which I assume being other work/contracts, the money raised through Kickstarter has already all been spent, predominately on art and voice acting - voice acting seemingly nearing completion (although the actual voices/samples haven't been announced or previewed yet) based on the latest update, extra art (skins) being worked on at last update (which could either mean the end of the extra art, or possibly still ongoing). This means that no money had been reserved for production of physical rewards, and as such, would have to come from revenue generated once the game has actually launched, The game is undergoing a transformation of either the client-database synchronisation, or possibly the entire game is being rebuilt now with a new game engine (or possibly both?). This would suggest that while things like art assets and the like are reusable, the actual game itself is not even close to completion as everything(?) is being recreated and tested? Its not clear what the 'front-end' that is being kept is. Is it just things like the UI? Or for example, would whatever has been completed be capable of running if it didn't have to sync to a central database (aka there is actually a functioning game in place)? Another question, is what exactly caused the inaccurate forecast? Obviously things are progressing slower than expected but the key question is why? On the one hand, the team seems to have gotten three extra members to provide 'immediate expertise' on issues that have been encountered, but a later post suggests that it will take a few weeks for them to get up to speed? It's not clear on what basis they are helping out. Are they going to be just providing technical advice, or are they actually going to be involved in the grunt-work etc? I am aware it takes time to pick up someone else's code/work to figure out how they have done things, and then take it from there, but if for example they believe that the entire foundation is less effective than another approach, is there the potential for a complete rework? I mean there is no real point in providing a new forecast if it isn't clear what the issue was with the first one, and how that has been resolved. Otherwise all we really have is another arbitrary date that seems to have been picked as a date that is not too close, but not too late. From what I can gather it appears that the team has encountered issues outside of their expertise, rather than a deficiency in team size etc - meaning that work effectively ground to a halt each time one of these issues occurred. Therefore has time for identifying and fixing errors been provided for in the new forecast. If things aren't progressing well, and it might be better to just say, 'come back in a year or so' rather than each month saying - we are holding a vote and could release a beta anytime now if it is clear that it wouldn't happen. Especially as the updates aren't exactly all that informative or transparent.
  4. Is this project still being worked on full-time by the full team and what is the current source of funding. Also, it seems like the main source of funding at the moment is personal funds by the team itself? What is keeping development ongoing? I'd assume if personal funds are being used they must be either working on other projects/contracts, or have a normal full/part-time job? Is there going to be an update on the status of the funds already provided through kickstarter? Does the dev team need more money, have they run out? Also what is meant by back-end? At first it sounded like it was just about data synchronisation between say a client and a central server, but now it seems like the entire game (engine?) is being replaced?
  5. Oh OK, I find that a bit suprising since the 100K raised would translate to roughly an extra 8.5k per month (based on the 12 months since initial fundraising) on top of whatever other funds are being used so I would have thought getting the initial revenue before proceeding would have been the priority since I don't really think that 8.5k per month is a large amount to work with. And that is excluding all the physical items that would need to be created and shipped out. But it looks like the project is progressing at a good pace.
  6. At the rate it's progressing it seems like it would be 5 more months with one more team voting yes each month. On another note, what do the teams that have finished their work do? Are they working on future content? Or just on standby? From what i asked earlier I'm assuming that they would just be on unpaid standby?
  7. Just wondering whether that 6-1 tally was 6 in favour with one veto, or the other way around?
  8. @Legate, Having a look at the UI concepts for engagements (back in update 19), I was wondering how location damage would be displayed? Is the UI for that still being worked on? Or is it something that will take place behind the scenes? At the moment it seems to be a straight HP number only.
  9. Its a free 2 play game though isn't it? I guess backer rewards could be an issue though. So maybe allow for account creation prior.
  10. Hey Legate, Not sure if this has been answered, though it probably has, but how much voice acting is involved for each character? I imagine that it is mainly the 'battle lines', maybe some lines in the menu etc but not all of their dialogue? Assuming this is the case, how will longer dialogue pieces (if any) be handled? Is it going to be silent? Or is it going to involve like maybe short words, or vocal sounds like laughter, grumbling, anger, shocked noises etc .The only example that pops to my mind is Fire Emblem, but I know it has been done like this in many older games due to system space limitations.
  11. Hi Legate, Thanks for the answer, really appreciate the thorough background information. It really does give me (and I assume everyone else) the confidence that BCS have the experience to this project off. Also, have you played any of the games by Kairosoft on android/iphone? Most of them have been cheaper games (maybe $4-5) but some of them have been free 2 play as well. They are also games that are predominately singleplayer but with multi player aspects. Might be worth it to check some of those games out to get some ideas - they are really addictive.
  12. After playing a bit of fallout 4 - I was wondering how any equippable items would work. For example - is there a system equivalent to Fallout 4's legendary system? (i.e. randomly generated slightly harder opponents, but who upon death drop a randomly generated weapon with a unique modifier). Not sure how it might work - but a thought would be for example on the main map - a random destination pops up which you can choose to engage in which has slightly tougher opponents/morgana? It involves a bit of RNG, but since multi player isn't as key for '39 - introducing might be fairly easy since balancing won't be as difficult? Sorry if this has already been answered.
  13. Yeah, I guess it all comes down to preference rather than there being an objective 'better' (and to that extent I would agree who cares as long as it meets its purpose aka is cute). I mean hell, I'm personally quite inconsistent in what I instinctively feel is either acceptable or downright cringey when it comes to peoples accents.
  14. Hi Legate, I had a couple more questions, more about the BCS itself though. These are probably confidential (me being nosy), so feel free to say so if they are. (Actually, upon proof-reading - the only question I'm really interested is the one at the end (about reworks), I've just left the other questions in since these things would be nice to know. The Kickstarter page says that the team is about 40 people (or more). I'm assuming that they wouldn't all be full time employees? Instead I imagine you have a smaller 'core team' but using contractors/ hiring people temporarily on a needs basis (i.e. on a project basis)? If this is the case, how well do you know those people, have you worked with them prior, or are you going through an open tender etc? Is there a contract for the specific work, or is it more of an 'arms-length silent agreement (due to past relationships etc). If there is a contract, how are they structured: for example I'm thinking in terms of art assets - how much oversight does the 'core team' have, what kind of timeframes and deliverables do they set? How are payments structured? Upfront payment with progress payments etc? Or just time based payments? I guess they key thing I'm interested in is whether for example, any arrangements take into account the possibility that things might need to be reworked based on user feedback (e.g. the monthly updates, or beta feedback (if there is one) etc). The major risk here being cost blowouts if: work is not to standard (or inconsistent), user feedback suggests a rework might be needed, the person takes the money and runs (or for whatever other reason cannot complete - they get sick etc). Once again, sorry if I'm being nosy, these were just a few things at the back of my mind.
  15. I certainly hope that is not the approach the developers take with this game.... in fact I thought a key draw of the game was for at least 'authentic' (if not realistic) accents and dialogue. Problem with Katyusha is that I don't think there's a version done decently in Russian that isn't like a modern 'pop' remix.... My song choice: Battle hymn of the republic (instrumental) Fun fact: Pretty sure this song was used in NZ in a seatbelt ad lol.
  16. Hi Legate, To add some further questions (although I don't know if I'm asking far too early): Is the game going to be self-published, or are you looking into having the game being published by someone else (probably more relevant for the IOS/ potential android app)? If the game is self-published - how will you handle account security and privacy etc. What will the terms and conditions be? How will any currency conversation rates be determined? (I would hope that you just charge in USD, and so international people have the freedom to figure out how to optimise currency fees/rates, but Apple have their own currency conversion rates, which are currently way out of line compared to the daily spot rate.....) Finally, are we able to reserve account usernames?
  17. To add to what people have said above, I would make the following points: There should be no items obtainable in a shop that cannot otherwise be obtained through reasonable gameplay (in terms of time etc) where it impacts balance and gameplay. Preferably, no 'game play items' can be obtained via money (most games these days are alright in this aspect) Quality of life improvements are alright (e.g. the ship expansions it seems from KanColle (Never played that game though). Introducing alternate skins for the various ships would be great (perhaps from different artists as well?) (See Soccer Spirits for an example). You could go one step further and introduce unique voiced dialogue (e.g. special events - Halloween, Christmas, Valentines day etc - perhaps even nationality specific ones, or depending on how combat sequences are handled - unique combat lines they say. Other cosmetic stuff would be nice, exclusive backgrounds, themes, UI etc. In terms of Gacha (aka opening boxes to get a random chance for items): I would generally try refrain from these. They seem to be a major component in a lot of free to play 'CCG' or just collecting characters in general but they really leave a bad taste in my mouth due to it being essentially a gamble. If a Gacha related system does get implemented, I would strongly suggest the following: Preferably make any gacha system in game and not obtainable with real money (aka any gacha system utilises currency that is obtainable only through gameplay - therefore people don't get an advantage for buying more) being 100% forthright about the relevant rates (which you would think was obvious but you would be suprised what some people try get away with) Implement a 'safety net' - to ensure no-one is 'too' unlucky - e.g. for every ## box opened (or whatever the gacha item may be) you get a guaranteed something of a certain quality etc Otherwise, another consideration is that subscription mode which would need to consider the above points as well. And fInally - please no ads suggesting we buy something after every battle, or every screen change etc. These really annoy me.
  18. Hi all, had a bit of free time so I thought I'd sign up and say hi, pretty keen for this game, can't wait to see what happens over the next year or so in development!
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