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  1. You actually don't need them if you do it right. I learned to shoot without them. Also, NO ENTERPRISE INTERVIEW UPDATE. BOO. THE WORLD HAS VOTED. PROVIDE C1 (ENTERPRISE) INTERVIEW!
  2. And yet, now it's time to guess the captain whom Lady Ironsides wishes us to keep safe. My money is on any of her War of 1812 Captains. That would be Hull, Bainbridge, and Stewart. Since Stewart is well known and has been interviewed, I see no reason they would redact her. That leaves Bainbridge and Hull. Bainbridge at this time exists as a rather dated Clemson who ran several convoys across the Atlantic, rather remarkably with no loss in any of her convoys. The other option is Hull, DD-350, a Farragut class with 10 Battle stars who saw action in the Atlantic, then at Pearl harbor, then in all theaters of the pacific, including the Aleutians and the Solomons, only to perish as one of 3 top-heavy destroyers lost in Typhoon Halsey. My money is on Hull, with whom Constitution won her nickname fighting Guerriere. UNREDACT USS HULL! On that note, interesting question. Thank the man who thought of it for me. Finally, 3. Poor Bellie needs something to help her with her joint interview with Eddie... That's the interview after Enterprise, of course.
  3. If I'm wrong, I will literally eat my shorts.
  4. I haven't been doing much research on her, but that's an excellent guess. I was so busy looking at north african colonial names that I didn't think she could be soviet. Her clothing is styled quite similarly to the kinds of dress you would see in ceremonial armenian or georgian wear, and the Red Theme is not lost on me.
  5. Let's start the search on enterprise, shall we?
  6. 1) Most of the information on this question is in the general Questions thread, and it's understandable that you wouldn't be digging through all 86 pages of that, but I should note there are significant tidbits spread throughout a few updates, including but not limited to: #78, #130, #139, and #154 (Which also relates to your second question) 2) Quite extensively depending on the nation. Refer to updates #182 and #179 3) While a belle is known to have input (I'll not go through the very early updates and General Questions thread to find specifics) they don't have complete control over the entire ship. They still need a crew for quite a lot of managing of things that would make solo running of an entire ship quite problematic. I can refer you to update #173 however for information regarding a submarine belle's prospects of guiding herself through depths. If you can't see down there, she can't either. Relaying info to the crew is its own logistical problem as well.
  7. Well we know we’re getting QM before launch. My first vote is for Leopard.
  8. On a note entirely unrelated to the new trailer... Ahem... does anyone happen to have the original poster of the Morgana Despair? I can't seem to find it anywhere.
  9. Yeah, that was my concern. I don't know if you've ever played the Black ICE mod for Hearts of Iron... but there are some things you need more than a tutorial for. Here's hoping you don't have to be an expert on naval combat to get into the game.
  10. Of course, info is good, but presentation does matter quite a lot. I'm sure there are others who would like to posit their opinion on the subject. Also I may have edited my post since you replied. There are a couple other points.
  11. It does seem to bombard the user with information a little, a lot of which doesn't make sense without context to other things. Particularly when these numbers are reaching mid-thousands. It's hard for me to do these days, but to look at this from a perspective of someone who doesn't play Hearts of Iron or Rule the Waves... there's a lot of information there that doesn't make a whole lot of sense to include. Me, I know that train and elevation rate of guns is important, particularly to your battles behind the graphics... but the average user might not understand. The Direct hit aircraft damage for example... that's an arbitrary number somewhere higher than a million for a stat that will come into play as close to never as close can get. In addition, when you're working with numbers in the high thousands, including the decimals seems almost irrelevant. A bore diameter of 16.142 inches is fair to note the precision of (Although a notation that it is in inches would be nice, since the gun's name says '40cm') Things like 2248.714 seem like incredibly arbitrary numbers when the extra .714 is attached. The level of detail for the fire rate -25.551- which is listed in seconds between shots, another thing not labelled, makes me question why there's an extra .051 attached. It's listing down to the thousandth of a second, when 25.5 or 25.6 would do (Depending on how you like to round). Finally, what is the Fatigue stat? Is that barrel wear?
  12. Unfortunately, I can't really make heads or tails of that particular plank. Going off my previous deductions for that particular Kami-maru, it's possible it relates to Harusame's beaching at Wewak after being torpedoed by Wahoo, but otherwise I have nothing. Also, I've mentioned in my deductions that Probably Jaguar is actually Probably Leopard. The Guepard-class Leopard. In other news, I'm presuming this is at least somewhat placeholder. The number "Performance" seems to give no reasonable measurement, the "Elevation Rate" stat appears twice, and the aircraft damage is over 1 million. Unless San-shiki shells are significantly more effective in this universe, I'm not placing bets on this info being final.
  13. To actually answer your question though, if you pay attention, you’ll see a relatively noticeable correlation between Belle HP and loaded tonnage, plus possibly a small modifier for armor.
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