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  1. On the subject of flags Think we will be able to customize a flag or banner, alittle to distinguish you from the rest of your allies
  2. That's the question and why i stated npc's and used the word voice acting as i kinda figured it only be female belle as it's the theme and story
  3. Kept looking everywhere for this answer but yeah Question: is it going to be 100% female voice acting or will there be male npc's involved in the stories?
  4. I was waiting for the obvious answer of the one that you can't keep your eyes off! our of 120+ I'm sure there is one for everyone! If i had to pick 1 from the current picture list i'd have to go with Kumano, Mogami Class Heavy Cruisers FTW!! Current Picture List as far as i was aware : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1186828/GameStuff/VictoryBelles/Group.jpg
  5. Didn't even know there was going to be a beta still searching for all the info i can find about this game.
  6. I'm very hopeful to see more sail under the Royal Canadian Flag, bonus side is more Belles!!!
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