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  1. You have to be two steps ahead of your own crew and ships as a Belle Captain Korky. I'd also just like to note it's been quite awhile since we had a game play update, and it's been about 5 months since the first video update. I know some of the usual suspects were going to say something, but I thought a fresh voice in that particular chorus might be useful.
  2. Every day a little bit braver. Very relevant to a situation with a friend of mine right now.
  3. TwoHeavens

    Update 136

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackchickenstudios/victory-belles/posts/2470547?ref=ksr_email_backer_project_update_registered_users_refresh#comments Question: 1: Yes. Why *has* no one gotten a drink for the Captain? 2: No. No, this isn't going to devolve into a drinking contest. I'm on duty in a few hours. 3: I like how you think I come to these events sober. That's funny! 3 for me. If you can't do your job drunk, you can't do your job.
  4. You're both wrong, it's clearly autumn! Winter is coming! As winter as it gets in the Southern hemisphere any way.
  5. I don't think Cavour said anything particularly nasty about her sunk/scrapped sister... it sounds like she's talking about "her" in a very "live" and present sense, not insulting the sunk battleship Leonardo da Vinci, nor talking about a ship or boat in this case under construction. So that would mean she's talking about the Giulio Cesare. Who is not only alive and well, but will be until 1955 or so as I recall. Silly could also mean quite a bit of things coming from a martinet like Cavour, so I tended to take both her comments to that effect to be more of a loving exasperation than any real slight.
  6. About that specifically, I think it's less a real danger and more the Ides of March generally being unlucky or ominous. So not paranoia. But superstition.
  7. This dude's voice never ceases to amaze me. This song was originally written for a trained opera singer ffs.
  8. See I'd be down for PT/Torpedo boats. That'd be great. Could cameo JFK. Drachinifel bills himself as a naval historiographer and I've been binge watching his channel for a couple days now. Some absolutely brilliant analysis and summary of individual ships and historical incidents with incredible detail. (Like the legend of the venomous snake that deeply added to the combat power of a ship in the Imperial Russian Navy 2nd Pacific Squadron) "The story of a few good men's struggle, against their own commanders, their own fleet, their own ships and their own men." -Drachinifel accidentally summarizing Russian Navy history in it's entirety. Blow by blow of the Battle of the North Cape and the sinking of the KMS Scharnhorst Main channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4mftUX7apmV1vsVXZh7RTw
  9. "Hey guys how can we up our glorious cheese content?" "...light your mic on fire and have the guitarist solo on a pile of human skulls." "...GENIUS!"
  10. That was fun! Excellent start to the new interviews.
  11. Yeah they kinda have that vibe across a lot of their stuff. Power Hair Metal if you will. And yet they have this great sound similar to old school Nightwish on a lot of their tracks like Blind and Frozen. It's all gravy.
  12. It's like the 80s and Power Metal got together with Jon Bon Jovi and Judas Priest, no one knows exactly who did what to who, but the results speak for themselves.
  13. That's a shame I haven't had a chance to check out Resist yet. I never really got over The Unforgiving.
  14. No I am exaggerating in the end. Buying their entire discography as a label would bankrupt Bill Gates nevermind me. A song of me, a song in need of a courageous symphony A verse of me, a verse in need of a pure heart singing me to peace.
  15. Quite literally the most diverse singer I have ever heard. Really I just need to give up and auto buy Nuclear Blast albums, they have this incredible talent for signing brilliant bands.
  16. That ended up even better than expected. Thanks Belfast dearest. Turn about is fair play, if you saved us, didn't we likely save you as well? If anything, we likely both belong to a third party knowing for selecting heroes for end of the world scale battles. *cough Odin and Frejya cough* but no sense writing alternate history like, what if this Belle didn't wake up, or if she had a different Captain, till we're done making history. No no, by all means continue. It's only fair. We lewd you, you lewd us... really you should see some of the things that get passed around the Captain Association's bar... like the theory of "new ship construction" that's just about the bawdiest thing I ever.... you know what? Please forget I said anything about that last bit. Far be it from me to complain about it being suggested I'm CĂș Chulainn, Fionn mac Cumhaill or Wolf the Quarrelsome As far as my fleet goes as long as you Belles aren't exchanging naval gun fire over who gets to have me on board for inspection today, be as possessive as you like. It's the opposite of uncomfortable. I propose the latter would involve ending a blockade. You know, choking a country or island or military force of it's supplies?
  17. That is not what Panay is referring to in her first listed poll question Laz.
  18. Didn't we vote for Mother's day already?
  19. I too prefer Declassified. Which is honestly the only *logical* term. You don't unredact redacted documents. You declassify them, it's because they're classified or contain classified material that they've been redacted in the first place. I'll vote for Verdun... be interesting to see what she would turn up in for Samhain.
  20. I wasn't going to go there with that last detail but since you mention it...
  21. I second that appreciation. I also have to say that I find Wichita absolutely bewitching. I think I'll have to get art of her hanging out with Wicher for Halloween this year. As a heavy crusier I'd expect that Wichita has a slightly thicker skin than dear Mahan, so hopefully that serves her well in the second round of interviews. (She's going to need it if she has an interview with a vampire...) P.S. the ruby red slippers were a nice touch.
  22. Vampire wasn't technically confirmed. In the most absolutely technical sense of the word technical. Squalus (SS-192) hasn't be confirmed to have manifested and if she did it would be as Squalus and not as Sailfin until May of next year, if her name would change at all. Sculpin was confirmed to be active and defending her stricken sister however as Legate said.
  23. 1. I think Belfast was speaking more generally, not about U-boats in particular, which you have to admit, even by Belle standards, U-29 is quite the interesting character. 2. Sounds like a fun weekend to me.
  24. Nighttime Rebel, stand alone against the wind Nighttime Rebel, break the Holy sin Nighttime Rebel, wake up in the night and let begin Nighttime Rebel, holy light against the dark Nighttime Rebel, bear a holy heart Nighttime Rebel, summon in the dawn and let begin In the ongoing darkness, where the sky is torn and belief has failed Be the guide and pretender, and invoke the dreaded rain By the hand of an outlaw, by the flaming sword and a headless veil Like a wolf, like a phantom, through the cross down nail by nail Seven hordes, seven daggers, in apocalyptic raid By the dawn we are failing, still tonight it's not too late
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