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  1. Link Apparently festivus has come early this year! Before we get on to the feats of strength, I'll vote for number two, might as well rip this band aid all the way off, then reward the Belles with a traditional festivus meal. Captains, for your convenience the options are once again... Question: Captain: 1: I’m proud of all of you for holding your fire over the last twenty minutes. Well done. 2: I have a few more grievances to air. I actually have some visual aids prepared back in my quarters... 3: Note that reprisals against Hiryū and Bulldog are not acceptable, and in some of your cases might represent significant breaches of the neutrality agreement.4: I've waited so long for all this. So very long.5: I’ll make sure there’s an open bar for the next hour. Thanks for your patience.6: I want you all to conduct thorough security checks when you return to your own stations. I can’t believe that [Redacted] doesn't have something to do with this.7: Surcouf. Espero. Return the whistles to their rightful owners until Gneisenau and Scharnhorst have left the room. It’s a matter of public safety.
  2. I'm honestly not convinced cons are a good investment any more for a variety of reasons.
  3. We're all quite glad to hear that I'm sure Legate, looking forward to further information as it can be released.
  4. So many options really for how the Devs could handle the opening of the game and the various ports. I'm truly fascinated to see what happens.
  5. Thank you Korky, I couldn't ask for a more detailed analysis to build a character out of. Moral simplicity and character simplicity is a sin after all, and S-H in particular has incredible potential as a character. This little project will like as not be on the shelf as I finish other writing obligations elsewhere, but the possibilities are quite exciting.
  6. The Falkland Islands are out, they aren't exactly developed at this point. Ascension Island could be developed into a proper naval station for a South Atlantic British port, but I honestly can't see that as a starting base. I'd have to say you're mostly spot on with your guesses Korky except for Imperial Japan where I must disagree for the forward base. For their south Pacific base one would have to think of Truk (modernly Chuuk Lagoon). Tainan is so close to the home island as to really not be that "forward" of an operating base to start with no? I also question Japan basing INPF activities at any of the major naval arsenals like Yokohama. If you're trying to preserve assets for the conventional war, sticking Belles near non Belle assets has risks, as well as previously mentioned security risks. Norfolk might be right out for the same reasons. The Americans, not actively in the conventional war, would be far more likely to lend the INPF space in their major shipyards like Norfolk or Pearl, especially when considering the startegic access to the Atlantic and Pacific those bases give, but I suppose the team could always surprise us with New York or Mare Island.
  7. I think that would only matter to the huntress. You're not negotiating with the only actual hunter among them. You're negotiating with Scharnhorst. Who is not a hunter, and frequently allows her pride to get in her own way. Afraid? Even of a human worthy to be her captain, Scharnhorst knows no such fear... That depends on them working together. They won't be. Remember they're competing with each other as much as they are trying to catch you. Much like the original short story, the objective was not to kill the most dangerous game as a group, but to prove yourself the superior hunter and track, drive, trap and otherwise hunt down and kill the prey. Two, or four in this case, can play at that game, especially with weapons parity. If paint is all the rules require you're not just limited to Kumano's paint ball markers either. All manner of possible traps a wily captain can rig up after raiding the supply closet. Please see Mantrapping by Ragnar Benson, which technically doesn't exist yet, for more ideas, or if you want to be in universe, consult a copy of the Marine Corps publication NAVMC 2890 Small Wars Manual for more information and ideas. Unfortunately most of the best resources on the subject haven't been written yet as of 1939. Off the top of my head though, I would personally acquire fishing line, some string, adhesive, a couple candles and some hurricane matches, as many small jars of paint as I can get without sacrificing movement speed, another set of clothes in nice dark colors and maybe some other goodies if I can work out a proper margin of safety. But even without rigging up some downloaded shotgun shells, distractions like a rigged up flare gun and so forth, you can always go full Dennis the Menace with some doors. If the rules are that getting paint marked is a loss, and the Belles continue to play after being so marked by the Captain, they've just shown their own weakness, even in defeat, you win. Kumano's along because it will be fun. She's playing, testing out her new toy. Nubian's in it for the thrill of the hunt. She can only read stories and hunt Morgana, this is wish fulfillment. If the "prey" gets a mark on her she's failed, even if she can still get you. If Kumano fails, she'll probably want to play again for much lower stakes later, which you can encourage. Scharnhorst is the only one that might continue even after getting a hit on her and she'll be teased mercilessly by the rest of the fleet if she does. You're playing their game. Play to win.
  8. Yes, but Scharnhorst underestimates me. There's more than meets the eye here too. Fellow captains! No quarter!
  9. I can see Takao saying that. Japan did fight in the Great War with the Entente powers, but they are also in the full swing of their revised warrior cult based on update bushido. That attitude of honoring a worthy foe is very believable from the more martial Japanese belles. I wonder if we really will be able to have any belle with any national background. It just seems logical to me that certain belles, by your choices and perhaps by your nationality would simply refuse to serve under you. Or have appropriate dialogue. For example Verdun sails with an American captain. It's 1939. I can see Verdun very ardently criticizing America again hesitating to join the war effort, and encourage her captain to encourage his country men to not wait for the world to be burning before getting involved. Just the same Belles of other nations might express different views and opinions to different captains. This might get into beyond the realms of game play, but buffs and debuffs based on command decisions, be they made on your own or suggested by the INPF/a Belle, how the current campaign is going, that type of thing could be entertaining. I might well agree for example with Takao that... I mean. I'm a Marine. Sailors being lazy, undisciplined and poorly dressed are articles of faith in the Marine Corps. Sailors at sea never wash below the neck line for example. Instituting intensive training regimes and improving discipline will gain buffs in some areas, but crew morale will suffer if you lean too hard on the martinet command style. But fun as that would be, it's likely beyond the scope of the game as I said. Nevada? Pass the popcorn and a neat whisky. One point of critique. Recruiting boards like the miracle mixes are where individuals qualified to be trained are selected. It is not training in and of itself. A man may be able seaman, but that doesn't make him a ready and able combatant sailor. So that doesn't really answer my boot camp question. Sounds like On the Job Training (OJT) is the order of the day though. I think I shall make it something of a priority to recruit Takao though. I sense a kindred spirit.
  10. Update Perhaps that title is a bit too on the nose? Gave the plot away a bit.Though I didn't expect Kumano to invent paintballs this early. 5. I can play them off each other later on, but for now equal armament, playing off Scharnhorst's pride.Let's see how dangerous this game can be. SERE didn't quite teach me how to Escape and Evade on a warship, but unprepared I am not. Disappointed going for one of the guns isn't an option though. They did tell us where they are.
  11. Well. That actually went better than expected. 4. Before we have to call in damage control crews to patch someone's hull.
  12. I'd like to propose an 8th option. We have a team of very different Belles with very different, and tasty culinary styles... plus we have a ton of spam to get rid of. Get all the girls working together, and produce a massive feast. Barring that, choice one, it's Boise's job.
  13. They didn't quite say that David. There's still plenty of room for treachery, and mixed crews mean agents won't stand out nearly as obviously as a British man trying to do a Brooklyn accent, or an IJN man attempting to sound like he was born in San Francisco, or worst of all, a Texan doing his whether best at a German accent. I also maintain that U-29 would back up my paranoia. One must consider the activities and habits of traitors if one is to catch, then keelhaul said traitors and I... Redacted: "Captain, we can't keelhaul traitors. It violates the Hague conventions and INPF naval policy." Shit. Hangings still on? Redacted: *checks document* "Yes." Right. Hangings it is, thank you. Carry on. Redacted: "Aye aye." Where was I? Right. The habits of traitors. One must consider the avenues of approach for a traitor, and the counter measures available, especially extra counter measures such as a Belle might possess that a mere human agent might not be able to account for so we can catch them, then hang them. Then toss them overboard for fish bait. Similar thoughts must be applied to infiltrating the Morgana. It wouldn't be safe for a human agent to approach unless we can learn to counter their enthralling... magic for lack of a better term, though U-29 may have my hide for it later. If it is not a technology, and not a learned skill, like say a spell, then it stands to reason it is inherent to the Morgana themselves. Can a Belle produce a similar effect? Perhaps a Belle does produce a similar effect already, but far more subtle, and passive. Something that boosts the efficiency and gallantry of the sailors aboard. If the latter is true, with practice a Belle might be able to produce an effect that feels to an outside observing Morgana the same as their enthrallment effect. Do a little redecorating and you have a infiltrator. I wouldn't trust it at close range, but it might be enough to manuver within the mists. Redacted: "If you try to bolt *anything* to my hull for an intelligence ploy I'm killing you and then myself."
  14. Link to update 1. Being insane and discipline are not mutually exclusive. As the Marine Corps has proved over centuries (now) of combat engagements. 2. Gneisenau you wound me. My word is my bond, and paranoia is a survival mechanism... and is it really paranoia when people are indeed out to get you? Morgana thralls, intelligence agents from powers foreign or native causing trouble. I trust my walkure, myself and maybe other INPF Captains I've worked with who've shown themselves to be men and women of honor and integrity. INPF fleet command goes on the do not trust list. Especially INPF fleet command.
  15. @Käpt'n Korky, I'm not sure what to say. I think the press relief explained what's going on pretty clearly, 2nd Fleet was and apparently shall be again a major command of the United States Navy. Fleet commands focus on specific regions for naval operations. Reactivating 2nd Fleet indicates the Navy wants to seriously focus on the North Atlantic specifically again.
  16. Option one, "Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle And I can't think of a better Belle to enjoy such an investigation with than U-29. We have a strange series of supernatural circumstances and sailor superstitions made flesh regularly walk the decks of our warships. If such things are true, what else might be that we have previously discarded? Besides. The Morgana almost certainly have Naval bases somewhere. Whether it's in the Azores or Avalon doesn't really matter when it comes down to the brass tacks of finding them and killing them. Excellent news about the battle engine. Not quite the level of fanfare and celebration Legate's "hint" had me expecting, but fantastic all the same. Here's hoping for some gameplay footage in the immediate future.
  17. Well the Irish war of independence and following civil war was finished barely a decade earlier calling it a sensitive discussion was... ah. Yeah. Uncomfortable to say the least.
  18. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. I admit I had strange liquid coming out of my eyes by the end. A truly worthy victory cry.
  19. I'd have to look it up, but I believe it was mentioned in and around the Kongou interview. The sheer cost of dragging a warship ashore and near a government building would be insane. In the end I don't think political Belles will be something in the cards. For retirement I suppose that, assuming Belles remain post Morgana, would look much like it looks for warships now. The mothball fleet is the fate for most warships, which would probably end up looking like a cross with a retirement village. Some ships would be moved to various ports and rivers as museums just like now... but I worry about how they'd be treated by the governments of their homelands. Keeping warships afloat is expensive after all, and it's certainly not worth keeping every say Iowa class battleship in active service and updated like USS Wisconsin was/is.
  20. The real issue for A is the distance that a previous lore update gave us that Belles can go beyond their hulls is about 30ft. So while the Potomac may have the depth to park a destroyer on her, I don't think the Potomac ever comes within 30ft of the US Capital building. B. Probably not? That's the downside of being equipment as well as an officer. I'm sure they can be retired on their ship being decommissioned, but the form that would take... Hmm.
  21. In the United States at least, I can answer that from a nuts and bolts real world perspective. Might be different in the lore due to author fiat, but past you know, the entire premise, history hasn't changed all that much in the VB timeline. As I understand it Belles basically got hammered out into comparable legal status to commissioned naval officers in the United States Navy. This is important for a variety of reasons including giving them prisoner of war status in the event of capture by a foreign terrestrial power and placing them in the chain of command aboard themselves, and thus able to give lawful orders. The Articles of War and Articles of Governance of the Navy, what would eventually become the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), along with Federal law and War Department/Department of Defense directives restrict the political activities of commissioned officers and enlisted men of the United States Armed Forces, especially as a member of the active component of the military. (There's a little more stretch for National Guard and Reservists). So if the Belles are citizens they could indeed run for office provided that... A. They can actually get to their appointed place of duty, be it a state seat of government or the US Congress building in Washington D.C. B. They have been either struck from the Naval List and decommissioned or possibly transferred to the Naval Reserve. C. They have the explicit permission of the Secretary of War.
  22. Triumphant reveal eh? That sounds promising.
  23. You know, speaking of income... if the girls are officers technically... shouldn't they be drawing pay? Some kind of "allowance" or something for personal items for sake of their morale and comfort. They're ships yes but they're sapient beings too after all.
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