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  1. Seems most of us are worried about Henley going down like a sandwich obsessed Capone.
  2. Nah. We do include free crayons with our doctrine books though. Snacks are good. Hey now that rabies thing was one time! The recruiting question's a good one too. I mean... sure it's a nice idea to let anyone and his cousin volunteer, but it seems like it'd make sense to recruit from able seamen already in active service if at all possible, and it seems likely that such recruiting will be going through INPF member navies any way. We know that the ships and their captains still belong to their respective navies. Barring an odd situation like in Scootia's Echoes of Jutland story where revived Kaiserliche Marine warships end up with primarily British crews because said ships hulks were in Royal Navy possession on revival, and their actual parent navy, and indeed nation, doesn't quite exist any more, you can assume that the navies in question want their crews on their ships. Which would go back to that security thing I mentioned. Training wise... I can't see there not being something of an INPF boot camp, probably run in each country by native and select international INPF personnel, followed by a lot of training as crews on the ships themselves. To say nothing of OCS. Any random schmuck can get picked by a Belle. Making said schmuck a naval officer capable of fighting a warship, no matter how much a Belle might help, would need to be refined to an art form then compressed to as little time as humanly possible so as to get Captain and Belle into the active fleet ASAP. I imagine certain nations will want to ensure the political reliability and loyalty of said new Captain as well outside of the INPF curriculum. Not plugging Nel and I's forthcoming OCS series at all there.
  3. Update Ah the only certainties in life. Number 3 please. I need Henley not confined to the brig for tax evasion. Err. Dry dock rather. It amuses me to note that Boise and I share several hobbies. Hmmm... might need to make sure she's on the acquisition list.
  4. *To beat Rocky or some other American sailor/groundling to the punch, while ensuring this doesn't potentially end up transmitted to Belfast, Mahan, etc, yes, we're required to be massive egotists as well. Albeit to a lesser degree than the modern Navy SEAL. We actually have to learn how to write books about ourselves on our own instead of getting training from the Navy and a offer of a book deal with Harper Collins on completing BUD/S.
  5. More generally let's open Welly's question up a bit. There's lots that goes into the international question for a Walküre and her captain. Namely what kind of chaos does it cause when a Walküre from nation X selects a Captain from nation Y? Do INPF crews stay more or less the same as they would have sailed with from their original home port? Or is it all volunteers? And if so, what's the population mix on a given ship like? I assume most INPF members would want to keep their crews as close to original as humanly possible, but we face a rather inhuman enemy so volunteering a crew on behalf of themselves seems a bit unfair. I mean when you offer me the chance to spit in death's eye and fight whatever in the nine hells the Morgana are, with whatever guns, grit and steel my ship and any sailing with us can muster I'm all for it. However I'm a Marine and airman and both are by requirement, complete and utter madmen*. So I'm likely not the best example of the general population of any given warship's crew is what I'm trying to say. Further how would internal procedure change for a new Walküre who's selected a non-native captain? Security procedure is the most obvious issue, and is taken extremely seriously in the US Navy and Marine Corps, they haven't hanged any one for it recently, but I believe it's still an option should the need arise. A USN Walküre with an IJN captain now has a massive security risk aboard as commanding officer. Another decent reason to segregate Belles from the rest of the fleet come to think of it. When it comes to classified material does a Walküre ever run into a issue where loyalty to nation conflicts with loyalty to captain? And that can go both ways, the native Navy might be concealing something pertinent to the non-native captain that the Walküre's heard about or the captain might be pressing the Walküre for non-mission pertinent classified material. It would be nice to think that every individual called to INPF service does so with honorable intent and clean conscience, but one can't help but think that someone will take advantage for the sake of their own nation. Nominally that's probably mostly countered by the Walküre themselves. An extremely patriotic Walküre is probably unlikely to select a captain who lacks similar fervor for whatever their homeland might be.Then again, captain selection is still something of a mystery, leading to further mysteries like a Lance Corporal from Arizona who managed to get washed up on deck and was told to change uniforms...
  6. Don't worry Korky, it's alternate history, maybe Graf Zepplin will get to be something more than eventual Soviet target practice. As for this, Buzzards and Condors in the United States, while they might be classified as birds of prey are known primarily for their carrion eating habits. Modernly especially you are most likely to see one eating road kill. For combatants in the United States after a particularly grisly encounter what meat was left would almost certainly attract buzzards.Culturally they also have a further connection with death symbolism wise. The image of circling buzzards stalking a lone individual trying, and failing quite possibly, to survive the Sonoran desert while the buzzards orbit, content to wait for their meal to finish itself off is a common one in American cinema, television, literature, etc and is informed by real stories from the Westward Expansion. Similarly this attitude is expressed in various idioms like "buzzard bait". So for Lady Lex, the most logical mental connection culturally for a battlefield carrion eater would be the buzzard over the humble crow, which enjoys much better PR in most of the US than it seems to most other places. ---- Also worth noting one of Belfast's yeomen might have made a minor typo while putting the transcript of the meeting together. I'm reasonably certain Hiryuu-san meant morale here... "Perhaps they are lesser kami. The pilots are happy to think they have their favor, so it has a benefit for morality."
  7. Probably decided to run down to the Medd to pick up wine to share with everyone.
  8. Well I didn't know I could be more wildly desirous of Lady Ark, but here we are. Hiryuu and Lex were great too. One wonders what happened to Bearn though. Morgana carriers would probably be rare simply because they are rarely needed. The Morgana do not commit capital ships for small matters after all. So what I took away from this is that carrier to carrier and carrier fleet combat wise it's going to come down to tactics. No one as yet knows what those tactics are. Because we haven't killed enough of them to figure it out. For example if you told me to crush any and all traffic in the North Atlantic beyond Submarine patrols, if I had carrier task forces available to me, I'd use them. Center them as the heart of a formation of destroyers and cruisers to do the butcher's work with a sub tender to service at least one wolf pack, but we also know that Morgana capital ships aren't particularly common out of their mists. Why would carriers be any different? Unless they have or feel the need to commit serious tonnage, which as of right now in the late fall of '39 with "Guns that can pierce any armor and armor that can flatten any shell"... they probably aren't particularly concerned. Once the INPF gets mobilized however, that might change. All of that also leaves one of the questions I had unanswered though I don't believe it was perfectly covered by Scoot's question. Does an air dropped torpedo from a Belle carrier's planes have similar impact to any other form of Belle deployed ordnance? Logically we can say almost certainly yes otherwise carriers are just about worthless, but the devs have thrown a curve ball or two before. Which brings up the difference of what really changes with a belle. I also found Kagawa-san's theories regarding aircraft "belles" for lack of a better term to be... fascinating. As an airman myself I am of course inclined to believe him for the same reason any sailor worth his salt would give you a look like he's wondering if you're stupid if you asked him if ships had a spirit to them, --- "If you put that abomination in your mouth, I swear to God I will sink you just to spare you the indignity of digesting it." Side note, what in the sweet mother of God's name is a lamb fry, and how is it terrible enough to turn the British palette against it? Update: I am reliably informed that a lamb fry is the sheep equivalent of a Rocky Mountain Oyster. (deep fried bull testicles). Ew. Or perhaps the right reaction is ram in this case... --- "Kanchou. O hisashiburi desu ne. We are in the company of madwomen." A given considering the old saying about mad dogs and Englishmen. Though Lex might not appreciate the canine comparison.
  9. I think lots of people in a fleet with Chiyoda benefit from this. If she's focused on a miniature course it lessens the chance of stray golf balls impacting one's super structure when she's practicing driving... Hard to pick here. Three is right out, no need to point out the obvious to Chiyoda, be better to offer assistance for her undoubtedly Belle crazy plan to return the favor to Exeter, who, in her efforts to make friends with the Japanese, should really have looked into the cultural similarities between how they treat gifts and how certain European cultures treat gifts. The gift cycle is important as is keeping it in balance. Note to self, hint to Chiyoda that I'd like to taste her cooking to angle for a home made bento. One also wonders where Exeter's getting the money for all this, but that's a question for the quartermaster and paymaster. Back to point it could also be amusing to sweat Exeter just a bit about her initial gift to the Captain, but that would probably result in her doing something even more over the top, and I don't want to impede my flagship too much. So, that leaves but one option. If you can't beat them, join them. After all... "What man can pretend to know the riddle of a woman's mind?" Option 1 if you will. My lance Sancho, and perhaps some wine.
  10. I think Korky's wild speculation is in the right direction, and after brief review concur. Number one please. And a cigar. I love it when a plan comes together.
  11. Chiyoda and her sister end up as full light aircraft carriers as I recall.
  12. Yeah I was quite pleased the lore team tackled this one. That's a pretty complex curve ball I threw them on that one. Not that they've backed down on me before Oh. As a bonus Belfast called me an old friend. Seems I've made a long winded but good impression.
  13. I've got Westering Home by Celtic Woman stuck in my head today.
  14. I mean. The Japanese do end up exploring the concept of the Aviation Battleship quite heavily. Though it's doubtful they would have bothered if the Americans hadn't stomped the Kido Butai at Midway.
  15. I'm certainly glad you helped bring her into the game David. --- Personally I'm taking Nautilus's explanation as somewhat vindicating my depiction of USS Mahan (DDG-72) to at least some extent. More like a daughter in many respects than taking a nap for a bit then putting on a new uniform and turning to on the day's work. And DDG-72 was quite different than the good Professor we know and love "now"*. Not that daughter is a perfect term to fit the description, but when you talk about a new generation that takes up the torch of your values, who you are and what you stand for... a continuation of self without being directly you. (DDG-72 from what Nautilus says doesn't remember being our Mahan, but rather like a dream, or film, or like someone had been telling her stories since the day she had her keel laid.) The multiple active ships at once bit was quite interesting as well, a lot of "yes but no" it seems there that also came off in a sisterly sense to me, just sisters raised apart from each other. Like how separated siblings raised in vastly different situations can finally meet and find they have very similar tastes and interests and are thick as thieves within moments of meeting each other. Then again, familial terminology, while familiar to us, probably isn't the best here. One also wonders as to what kind of thoughts could make a lovely lass like Nautilus (SS-168)'s heart race. Inquiring (slightly dirty) minds want to know. *Someone should make friends with a sailor or three of USS Mahan (DDG-72) and not rest till the current ship adopts the Belle as an informal mascot.
  16. Let's not even bother to split the difference and bring in four Belles. I mean I can never say I don't want more Arc (not that anything obviously portrays my bias) and we did just find Lady Lex, but the Americans and Japanese were the real leaders in the field at the time. Too bad Housho hasn't been confirmed yet. The first purpose built aircraft carrier would be an ideal educator on the subject.
  17. All sorts of possible "loads" one can plant in a cigarette or cigarillo. They're both smokers so leaving a pack or case of the "good stuff" is obvious bait. Unfortunately naval tradition involving pranks connected to the ship itself simply won't work, considering the ship is the target, however getting one Belle aboard the other doesn't seem to be an issue, so perhaps traps could be arranged for each Belle on each other's ship. Playing into their vanity and their competitive natures of course make that do able. "I've decided how I want to resolve things with your contest with Surcouf. Here's what you're to do. You have complete discression of course, but you musn't be seen by her crew." Set the watches up in such away that Espero is driven where you want her to go... into a generous dusting of flower for example. Then ask her completely innocent questions the next morning about if she's heard these rumors going about the fleet of a ghost aboard one of the ships. (Just make sure U-29 isn't in ear shot or is in on it.) Lots of lovely options honestly.
  18. Though thinking about it a proper booby trap could be highly amusing. Captains regardless of your voting, how would you booby trap these light fingered, larcenous, but still lovely, ladies? Painting the eye piece of something irresistible to steal like the sextant would be a classic but for me I think I would have to plant false information. Wildly false. They're spies as well as thieves after all, so a journal with all sorts of nonsense in it, a fake love letter from a somewhat scandalous belle. All easily disprovable in such a way as to make them look rather silly. Too bad camera technology isn't what I'm sure it one day will be. Catching one of them thieving in a photo would be priceless.
  19. Option 1 for sure, it's only fair to engage them on their own terms. Whether you're telling the truth or not, that I do not think they'll expect.
  20. Two miles depth is hard to salvage from from even more advanced wreck stripping scum. Or professional reclamation teams for that matter. So hopefully the Lex will continue to rest peacefully. More importantly though, now that we know where she is, she can be monitored.
  21. USS Lexington (CV-2) has been located by Paul Allen's team at two miles depth in the Coral Sea. Photos of the remains, and surprisingly well preserved aircraft are circulating. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/wreckage-from-the-uss-lexington-cv-2-located-in-the-coral-sea-76-years-after-the-aircraft-carrier-was-sunk-during-world-war-ii-300608295.html
  22. Well, can't say that's not unfortunate. Hopefully things come together at the quick step. Looking forward to whatever the surprise might be, I rather like those. Also looking forward to some full demos of the battle engine at work once everything's fighting fit.
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