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  1. Wait... how? I thought the starter Belles were all laid up for us to see, and there aren't any Italian BBs in there...
  2. Not reading anything into it. Just expressing my hope that at least by 1940 we see some Italian BB girls, nothing more.
  3. Has anybody looked at the video? In the screen where you can select vestures and other things, the battleship profile you see below is that of an Italian battleship, namely the Conte di Cavour. That 3-2-3-2-3 turret arrangement is unmistakeable! Looking forward to some good numbers of Italian battleships for 1940. Just in case, the battleships were a key part of Italian strategy and tactics before and during the war, and I don't think they'd change that here.
  4. Oh, good question. Honestly, I think that, oddly enough, my favorite warship is the dreadnought Duilio. The name always fascinated me, and the ship, although it never saw actual combat, was always dear to me.
  5. I guess it started with my father. He died when I was a kid, but he had TONS of books. They were mainly about railways, as that was his greatest passions, but there were several about other things, and a few were about battleships. One day, I began reading one of them... and it all went downhill from then on.
  6. Given that I have recently broken radio silence after months, I'll guess I can vote again. And since we recently had an Italian Belle, why not a different one this time? I'll give my vote to D1, to the Belle that should be a worthy rival to Pola!
  7. So? Should it be expected that every battle should be fought on optimal conditions, in a favourable tactical position and with the advantage of surprise? Moreover, weren't the Japanese watchmen famed for being even better than radar? Why did they fail there? If it was the third time they went through that area, they should have known the enemy would have tried to stop them, because I don't think the Japanese command was so dumb that it believed they had slipped in without being detected or noticed, the previous two times. Maybe my knowledge of these battles is a bit low, but it doesn't seem to me that the American side had such an edge, both in numerical terms (six versus four, forgive me, but given the previous exploits of Japanese destroyers it doesn't seem exactly an overwhelming advantage) and in qualitative terms. I can admit the thing about positional advantage, though. And to be fair, in this battle radar may have been an advantage, but subsequent actions would prove that its presence was no guarantee of victory (I'm of course talking of 1943-era radars, not about the more perfected radars that would come later). Even the Regia Marina (whose nighttime combat doctrine and training was relatively poor, as we know) had one engagement in which this became apparent. In April 1943, two British destroyers with radar went to intercept a steamship and its advanced escort of two torpedo-boats; the torpedo-boats managed to visually spot the enemy four minutes before their radars picked them up. Therefore the steamship was able to double back and resume its voyage the next day.
  8. Why, was the American force at the Battle of Vella Gulf "overpowered", i.e. with an overwhelming numerical or qualitative advantage? It's not like the only time she was the only one to escape was at Surigao...
  9. It's still not as bad a trend as the one of, say, Shigure... I'd be way more tense and worried if I were protected by her, and I think it's apparent why.
  10. Hey, let's not be that catastrophic. They didn't say that ALL the ship she's escorted or she sailed with were sunk.
  11. No dual mentality at all; the contradiction is only apparent, I'd say. Fascism was built on the Italian success in World War I, and its concepts laid in making Italy great and forego the so-called "little Italy" (Italietta) that had been built by the Liberal statesmen. Its ideology was all about triumphing at home (against perceived internal threats, chiefly against Comunism) and abroad (by enlarging and strengthening Italy, chiefly in the Mediterranean and Balkan areas). The consensus amongst historians is that the regime achieved its zenith after the invasion of Ethiopia, which brought its popularity to its peak (a fact recognized even by some anti-fascist leaving in exile). And the regime then collapsed after the intervention in World War II resulted in debacle after debacle, so much that after Mussolini was overthrown, it was possible to dissolve the PNF and the fascist militia without any incident, clear sign that its popularity had all but evaporated, except perhaps in a small minority that nonetheless kept quiet at that moment. It's not that surprising, therefore, that Camicia Nera values winning over anything else, and is willing to stick to the winning side. She shows more pragmatism that several leading Fascist ever had. A sale is something that involves ceding a good or a service in exchange of something else, i.e. it implies mutual benefit. There is nothing about war reparations that concerns mutual benefit, just a winning nation imposing its will on the losing one and profiting from it. Anyway, no big deal; I'd just have preferred to read "ceded to the Soviet Navy for war reparations". About the tactics, I must say it's not that difficult to know about. This thing about Italian torpedo tactics is mentioned in the book of Vincent O'Hara "Struggle in the Middle Sea", which I don't think it's a very specialist book. But I know it's easy for me to say that, since I integrate it with many other source, and I have the advantage of being a native Italian speaker, therefore easily reading Italian documents.
  12. Welp, I guess it was a matter of time that an Italian Belle would be introduced, and I would miss it! Anyway, she's pretty straightforward, being what I thought she was meant to be. A devout soldier and... well, you know what, all about fighting... it all pretty checks out, I'd say. I'm not totally ok with what Mahan said about her career details. The Battle of Cape Bon was a more serious debacle than one might understood. Apart from the torpedo-boat attacks (their four torpedo-tubes were arranged in two single tubes for each side, a fault that was later recognized and corrected), the Italian night-time tactics (which were employed "by the book" in this engagement),, especially for torpedo runs, proved flawed and ineffective, discouraging attacks with all available units, and firing all torpedoes at the same time (which was the best way to hit something, in the end). I am not aware of any "communication failures", just a doctrine that was inadequate in the end. Also, "after the Venticinque Luglio, she surrendered to the Allies"? It's not wrong per se, but it's quite the time skip, since we're talking almost a month and a half, and an even bigger and more significant event! Moreover, "sold" to the Soviet Navy? I don't think so; the Soviet Navy took her and gave nothing. And when one of the other ships assigned to it (the old destroyer Riboty) was found to be in poor state, they refused it and pretended a monetary compensation instead.
  13. Given that we recently had Pola, I guess I can deviate once more. I'll cast my vote for D1.
  14. I think it derives from the fact that Pola was the flagship (she had somewhat larger room for the admiral's staff), so she was kind of in charge; I guess she feels she was supposed to set the examples. I had totally missed that! I agree, it's weird...
  15. "Obliterating" Mogami and Yamashiro? I don't know, but I read Anthony Tully's book, and it seems that both ships held up rather impressively, considering the deluge of fire they were getting. Sure, they ended up being crippled and slowly sinking, but his narration says that they did not exactly disintegrate under the enemy fire.
  16. I believe that the other game *cough cough* has made enough drunk jokes to last a lifetime, and maybe we could take a look at the rest of her career...
  17. When you could civilize without her or her sisters having a chance to say otherwise, of course.
  18. Don't say that word! Or else...
  19. C3, since we got an Italian Belle last time! Although, not to incite a discussion, and with all due respect to Taffy 3, but I would like to point out that said Central Force should have had no problem winning, sure... if they had known for sure what ships they were facing and how many they were facing. Both things that they didn't know. Scouts were launched trying to asses that, but they were taken down. So the Japanese admiral, tired after a gruesome day and a sleepless night, having to execute a plan revolving around deception, and always fearful that it had not worked, with few ideas as to where the enemy was, assumed the worst case scenario and that he was facing the main enemy force, somewhat disorganized. Result: general confusion on his part, which led to mostly avoidable losses, to collapse of command structure, and to delays in accomplishing his mission when the party was over. Therefore, not only outstanding bravery on one hand, but confusion, uncertainty and desperation on the other hand, made this battle. We can't mention one without the other, I feel. Because there are several examples of comparable bravery in similar odds not being rewarded by eventual success, because the enemy was not confused or uncertain, and therefore simply crushed what it faced.
  20. Ok, first of all... I'm really really happy for another Italian Belle! Seriously, I am! As for her personality... am I the only guy who was not that surprised? The Pola-class were built around the concept of fighting ships of the same class, with according firepower and protection. They were initially called "incrociatori corazzati" (armoured cruisers), and some even said that, considering how ridicolous the line of battle of the Regia Marina was back then (two unmodernized WWI-era ships), they would make up the line of battle. Also, her flagship status makes her drive, her charisma and her sense of responsibility logical; and her, well, approval of a certain bald guy is based on historical facts. Moreover, I can't help but sympathize. On time, one will get tired when he mentions Italian ships and he gets the usual answer: "Yeah, they didn't do much, but they were very sharp looking!". Of course, it's not like I would punch anyone for that, but she's on a different level, it's personal for her. Anyway, I don't see why her character might have to change, even a little. I'd sure like to have someone with the grits and the guts to get the job done, this war against the Morgana is not going to be a party. As long as you talk to her the right way, she's going to be a valuable asset. At least, that's what I think. But I might be biased...
  21. Alright. Then I'm still going all out for C2.
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