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  1. The game isn't even out yet and there are already fan made images being made. That was fast.
  2. I like her. She is competent and her personality is one of a no nonsense, get the job done, kind of gal. She will definitely be in my fleet.
  3. Mahan needs some R&R. Lord knows the woman has earned it.
  4. Hey so I was wondering: can a bell get PTSD from combat? I'm sure a PTSD mechanic won't show up in the game but I'm honestly wondering if they can get it or if they are so removed from normal human emotions and all that that they can't feel horror or long term mental effects from the horrors of war and combat.
  5. Legate of Mineta; I do hope so. I have so much to catch up on. Welp time for bed.
  6. @Legate of Mineta Thats fair. Thank you.
  7. @Legate of Mineta yeah I figured as much. Another thing I noticed is that Kancolle likes to use events to help introduce and make available new ship girls. While I do enjoy a good event as much as the next guy, Avengers Academy by Tinyco has shown me that to many events to close together can tire a guy out. So I have to ask...will there be events and if so how will you use em? Will there be events to show off new girls, a resource event where fighting grants even more resources/resources are boosted for a set period of time? A combination of both or some other category that I forgot.
  8. So I'm not sure if this was asked already but how are you going to represent damage on the girls? I understand that while Kantai Collection has different images for their girls in various states of damage and missing clothing, they can get away with it due to the tolerance from both the "normal" population and their fans and while I would love to see what the girls look like without their clothing on I have to wonder how you guys will represent this. Will there be a visual change and if so how extensive will it be? Will there be different visual damage images based on the type of damage inflicted, like burned skin if the girl in question has been on fire or her covering up holes in her arms to represent the damage inflicted by being pierced by enemy shells. Also how will healing work? I'd assume that there will be a timer and resources will need to be spent to get the girls back up to speed but thats me making assumptions and you know what they say about that.
  9. Hm, very interesting. I'm assuming the new ones will be based on ships that didn't get their own Bell at launch. I know you guys have a lot of material and ships to work with but would it make sense for a "new" Bell to show up. One thats based solely in the Bell universe.
  10. Oh a thought. They happen so rarely. Will there be new bells after launch? I mean you have a lot already, 120 is no small number but given how games like these can go on for a long time if Kantai is anything to go by then new Bells may be needed. This is all a hypothetical I know but it could happen.
  11. So I'm assuming theres going to be some kind of in game economy. One thing that confused me with the Kantai collection is how you needed to send warships off to gather supplies. I understand escort duty but it seemed a bit unnecessary to me. Will there be the same thing in this game or will it be completely different?
  12. Legate of Mineta; Well it seems like you guys don't let it bother you so thats good.
  13. With some of the designs I have to wonder if you guys have plans when some folks throw a shit fit due to perceived insults or "appropriation" or what have you. This game should be niche enough that it shouldn't be an issue but with how people are now a days.
  14. I meant an overarching story line. Like random and pre determined events that happen that affect the story. Like if Cornwall was bombarded from sea by the enemy and there is a chance that the public could panic or Churchhill could use the event to bring the people of England together. Stuff like that.
  15. Hey I got a question. Will there be a story line of sorts?
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