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  1. Hey guys I don't usually come into the forums relying instead on the kickstarter updates, but I swear I remember reading that they were not going to do votes on any more potential morganas. Did that change recently?
  2. Hey Legate, I backed it way back when but it was a day after the initial kickstarter ended but was when you extended it a few days on Paypal. I went in at the E TU COSA FAI? level, would I still be able to particapate in the kickstarter beta or would I be SOL?
  3. Thank you. Have a few friends causally interested but not enough to follow activity and they were asking when they should likely be on the eye out for it.
  4. Kinda a side question to this. But on the official Kickstarter page I seem to remember seeing a March "17 release. Barring any complications will this be a hard release or is it that the march date is when the game launches for the general public but had been through some backer testing period? Or some combination of the two.
  5. Can't remember where it was posted but the devs said that they didn't have plans to include minor nations at start but couldn't resist the few they already showed.
  6. Didn't want to start a new thread but had three smaller questions I was hoping to get answered. Firstly I was really up on these styled games to much but from alot of my research several of them rely on "generics" to fill out rosters (Panzer Waltz seemed like a big offender of this one). When the developers say 120 ships are they meaning 120 fleshed out ships? Or say 60-80 fleshed out ones and the rest as generic with no real story? Second, I came late to the party and wasn't able to pledge in the initial campaign but got in before the first of the month on the paypal one. Should I assume that I'll still be locked out of the kickstarter discussions themselves since by Kickstarters standards the paypal donaters aren't true backers? Finally I hear it repeated very often that this is going to be Victory Belles 39'. Is it safe to assume that long after post launch if successful that the creator will simply move it forward one year to make Victory Belles 40' and so on. Or is 39' just donating the start of the game and that alternate means of going forward are being discussed?
  7. A friend of mine who isn't really interested in the nature of the Belles themselves but just the framework of a srpg game that made use of navy ships, stated that he would hope to find that odd duck that was the USS Alaska CB-1 at some point. Odd because it along with it's sole sister ship were the only two to hold the title of Large Cruiser and were the closest contemporary to the foreign battlecruiser designation. But unlike battlecruisers were not treated as true capital ships. Seems like there is some groundwork to play around with from the design itself. They were launched much later than 39' but after reading about the design it is one I'd hope to see in later years of the game.
  8. Sorry if this got answered in a dev comment somewhere but I came late to this project and am alittle confused about these two concepts. The way it seemed to me was that at the beginning is that you would pick a nation to represent your home interests (IE USA, Russia, Germany, Italy, Great Britain) but that this would not limit your ability to acquire ships of alternate nationalities. I'm assuming that the naval bases would work similarily. But I"m alittle shaky on this. If your locked into what nation you start as to represent your home interests, what would the value of the high tier kickstarter/paypal sponsorship be? I'm refering to the $250 - Poland is now playable $400 - Spain is now playable $500 - Turkey is now playable $600 - Netherlands is now playable Now while I'm looking to throw some money in the paypal drive (the $75 looks to be more my far) I'm just alittle confused on this late tier countries. Is it that one would be able to for lack of a better term switch nationality to back a different country and that the backers at this levels merely have them unlocked by default or is there some other system in place. If it hasn't been decided yet that's fine too just curious is all.
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