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  1. My fellow co-captains we have a wiki http://victory-belles.wikia.com/wiki/Victory_Belles_Wikia not sure this was posted already.
  2. Nel, as a b-day gift and as thanks I will try to get everybody to vote for Saguenay in time for your b-day. Good sir I will advise you to change your vote for Bulldog is going to get a very special interview next Friday.
  3. Here I thought I had to break up a tie E4 it is, was going to pick her anyway though.
  4. I love that teaser for Hood, and Mahan really does alot of different activities, I will not be surprised if she did hot air ballooning, then get a free of heights from said experience. Edited: fear
  5. What I like about this besides Nenohi being friendly is giving us more perspective into Mahan's character such as her perfectionism is caused by how her sisters view her. When theses interviews are done Mahan would become a true renaissance Belle, learning different arts such as basket weaving. I look forward to a interview with one of her sisters such as Cony, and who is that one other person she needed to make a card for?
  6. You are right, no idea why I thought that . I still stand behind the idea that construction girl interviews would be quite interesting.
  7. I against things being set on fire unless I started them and I already set up a hammock in the Association rec room, so to prevent everything going up in flames I change my vote to B3. Also it would be interesting to see what a construction gal would do in their spare time.
  8. I understand that feel I am more of a hot chocolate person myself. Though guys how much coffee do you think is needed to bribe and convince Mahan to not fill us up with sunshine if we did something she won't like, say accidentally burning her books.
  9. Right I don't comment much here much but Nel can I ask you for a sig with Nautilus with the motto Onwards to Adventure! ? My captain name is David J for the sig. Thank you.
  10. Hello everybody this is Captain David J reporting in. I will mostly lurk, occasionally popping up from time to time. Adventure HOOO!
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