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  1. Have a chibi Dunkerque I did commission this one, artist cchuu
  2. Saltshaker looks great here
  3. Artwork by Melisa, Emily and Tate are the commissioners VB Takao according to illustrators notes is the eldest
  4. Chibi Commission artist name is https://yayachann.deviantart.com/
  5. Another one of Mignon's works he posted it on the discord so posting it on here The second from https://aka-zai.deviantart.com/ from months ago
  6. Vote 7, its good to see Mahan again alongside so many Belles
  7. Nobody, but she is the person who the captain will turn to keep the german Belles in line, she is in my mind somebody who will go around making sure that the other Belles do not commit too much chaos, with proud Prussian values of course.
  8. Chiyoda returns sort of Melisa
  9. Interesting update which ensures no treachery among crew, though watch out for the gov't
  10. Better late than never, here are Bunny girls Nenohi and De Ruyter drawn up by Mignon get ready for the voted for Bikini Belles next month
  11. Have a chibi Nautilus commissioned by me done by alma-the-bird
  12. Option 1 for me, Morgana Islands that sounds oddly terrifying.
  13. Have a USS Henley and drunk Kirov done by Shinaiya And a NSFW clothing damaged Naughty Lass by Gao-lukchup Yes I commissioned them all
  14. Nice, I do hope VB gets more interest.
  15. Option 3 you do not mess with the IRS
  16. A commissions Melisa did for me what do you mean this isn't how Chiyoda's interview went down both marked and unmarked
  17. @lazarusdw Yup this only half body without a specific background request so only 10 Euros here is her price list just click on the link and look around her deviantart page https://lisoe.deviantart.com/ Prices Chibi: 5€ / 6,16$ Bust: 5€ /6,16$Half body: 10€ /12,32$Full body: 15€ /18,48$ Background: Simple (free) Ornate (+5€ /6,16$)
  18. Something that I commissioned for 10 Euros the artist lisoe R.N Axum one with background the other not
  19. Link Lex is kinda a troll and I do like them mentioning the Construction Gals (or they something else) or Gremlins
  20. Causal Mahan is always nice
  21. A commission for the sake of our Canadian captains art is by erickfata
  22. 4 I want my money, Redacted 1 is Lampo
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