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  1. Bunnygirls Hood and Velasco I commissioned from Melisa marked and unmarked (Naughty Lass comic unmarked)
  2. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackchickenstudios/victory-belles/posts/2137703 I like they brought up the fictional Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea love the book and the reason why I chose the Nautilus as my custom Belle, now I got it my head to bring back Arashi and Yamakaze try to capture VB Nautilus, except they end up facing mutliple versions Nautilus who basically do sentai poses or more commonly as the power ranger poses.
  3. Something I commissioned for Easter, expect more of my commissions Bunnygirls Nautilus and Yavuz done by Benjamin Widdowson
  4. @AuraForte The fanart that I commissioned according to the artists belong to me and that I could do whatever I want, most of them ask permission from me to use in their gallery, and I always let them. I do not mind if you upload my commissioned fanart onto danbooru or the like, I know Melisa and Megaween has some pieces of art on those sites. Oddly enough Melisa's Fubuki commission work does not show up on danbooru but does on gelbooru.
  5. Something I also commissioned a month ago by Belisbeth they were cheap at $25 each
  6. @Misekato That is fantastic and you are right for somebody like Canarias it works really well. @Gerrion The third picture is the one I commissioned the first version is one he used for his gallery. I plan to commission him again next month since he made two different sketches of this and I think that one would be more pleasing for ya. @Dmnt Now you got me thinking of commissioning another VB comic of some Belles trying to figure out the secret of Nautilus's boobs. Alas, I already have a comic idea to commission for next month and I already am commissioning Melisa for something.
  7. I commissioned this last month this is by a artist named megaween he drew the first pic followed by the second two variations
  8. I finally got off my ass and made myself a Discord account, may I have a discord invite?
  9. Was going to post this but yeah this is interesting stuff. Here is a link to his website about this https://www.paulallen.com/uss-lexington-wreck-located-rv-petrel/
  10. Alright De Ruyter and Nenohi are going to be the Bunny Girls
  11. Done and that you are correct, the next highest gets chosen if they don't get 5. Looking forward to it Yuri
  12. Bunny Belles final tally done by Monday choose the final Bunny Belle.
  13. Option 1 I mean in my defense I was sleepy at the time
  14. I agree with everything except I vote for Option 2
  15. The conclusion to the previous comic
  16. Disappointed yet at the same time elated there is news that the beta is coming.
  17. I just found this randomly on tumblr so on the frown your guest is good as mine.
  18. By an artist named artist-in-red on tumblr, not a commission by me.
  19. A commission I asked done by sweetprank
  20. Try this person out https://sweetprank.deviantart.com/ they had a fast response, or contact Melisa she is always open for a commission and money though it will take a while to contact her since she lives in Singapore
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