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  1. 2 Let's follow this rabbit hole where it will lead.
  2. All seem worthy causes, too bad we don't have enough money to throw at them all. Taking the XCOM approach, we need to either make sure we are able to maintain a skilled fighting force and equip them so they remain effective... Voting for January Abbott for what I hope to be some new Morgana busters. In an interesting coincidence, XCOM's Dr. Vahlen (http://xcom.wikia.com/wiki/Dr._Vahlen) takes the lead on understanding the aliens much the same way Kirsten Schreiber wants to understand the Morganas, but alas I always seem to put that off in favor of getting laser rifles faster, go figure right?
  3. As much as I enjoy the more outrageous options we're presented with, I think it's pretty clear what the writer's preferences are.... #1 just to give some competition to the probable winner.
  4. Such tempers over such small change... Though i guess dimes were worth more back then I'll second DYM's vote for 1, as funny as option 3 is.
  5. Oh man, this is a hard choice. 2 is the logical option, but 3 is also very tempting! Better play it safe and vote for option 2. I won't be upset if option 3 wins though.
  6. Option 3, coin flip. Ladies, you know we love you, but let's not start WW III before II is even over.
  7. Mahan and our host, I think our resident detectives deduced she's a Queen Elizabeth class ocean liner, either Queen Elizabeth herself or Queen Mary. Otherwise we've already seen a number of great suggestions, but my personal favorites are New Orleans and Kirov for a party to (not) remember and Mississippi and Kongou with their elegant flair trying to be the hostess-with-the-mostess
  8. Give Mahan enough coffee and she may get through it before Leningrad has a chance do interfere
  9. Fantastic new additions! I'll hold off on any requests for now, but I'm eagerly awaiting this week's interview for the coincidence of the lead artist sharing a pen name with the ship.
  10. So not so much the boots, but the fact that they have the catapults on them... Given her love of rube golberg machines I suppose she's just the sort to not be bothered by that.
  11. While I was pleasantly surprised by the voting snafu and really enjoyed getting to meet Aoba this week I feel we owe next week to Salmon. (Voting for HMS Salmon)
  12. I know we got to her this week by accident, but I really enjoyed getting to know Aoba. This was a very happy accident
  13. It would be funny though wouldn't it? Didn't we vote in a Japanese carrier last year for July 4th?
  14. Not too shabby for one of the IJN's better cruisers.
  15. I do love my Leander class cruisers from Warships... And just like the VB version those cruisers have no shame tilting the odds in their favor. Clever girl Orion, clever girl...
  16. Aoba. It's ranked season in Warships so she's about to see a lot more work.
  17. Brown alert! Brown alert! Doh well, next month!
  18. I can't imagine Scharn hiding, she'd waltz in loud and proud. But what kind of reception awaits her I wonder?
  19. Hope it's Fusou (presumably will be in at launch, but as of yet unannounced) in honor of the huge mast.
  20. This one was a contest, but if I count right we're in for a German commerce raider this week. Gneisenau 12, Takao 10, Orion 5, Salmon 2, Galicia 2, Libertad 1, Ternyuu 1.
  21. Like our host having a strong sense of justice I'm sure.
  22. I like her design and detective persona. Also interesting to see a darker side to the crews of the ships.
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