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  1. Yeah, that's the big thing: big guns doesn't make up for lack of armor. I'm curious about Salt Lake City for that because the Pensicola class was only really a "heavy cruiser" for the guns. Fast battleships in my mind are a natural evolution from battlecruisers and conventional battleships. I'd have to do some research, but I imagine it just wasn't feasible to make fast battleships at the time battlecruisers first started to be deployed.
  2. Yeah, I had a feeling it would be destroyers. Kongou hasn't been revealed yet has she? She's definitely old enough to make an appearance.
  3. Ok, a question about the Belles: will we see sister ships or just one representative from each class? With multiple navies I imagine priority will first go to more kinds of ships rather than multiple ships of the same class, but i'd be curious to see how sister ships turn out in game. Sorry if this was ready answered before, i've been switching between devices while working my way through this topic and lost my place a few times
  4. I couldn't find Mikuma either! She's the only Mogami sister I haven't recruited yet. I just like aviation ships though. I dropped down to easy before ship locking would have been a problem. Mostly due to lack of fuel an ammo, not lack of ships.
  5. I've got a lot of respect for Mogami, but in my case I ended up thinking of her as a good friend. She's the top CA(V) in my fleet. I beefed up my DD force before the event and still didn't feel like I had enough. Ended up grinding Destroyer Division 6 to help alleviate that, but more high level destroyers are still a priority for me now. Right after I remodel the Tone sisters... can never have enough CAVs.
  6. Ark Royal. I do like my lucky ships.
  7. Can't deny though, curious to see how Pola turns out here. Alcoholism isn't good, but Kancolle Pola is just so amusing...
  8. Think I'm going to roll Italy. I already know a bit about the IJN and USN from Kancolle and Warships. I'd like to learn more about another navy this time around. Also, I'm reading "The complete idiot's guise to ww II" and Italy's role in the war is pretty interesting.
  9. PizzaRocket in Warships and Tanks. Mostly warships, I'm not as good at tanks XD Favorites for both games are the Matilda IV and Fusou for their respective capabilities and match-making. In tanks i like having armor since it helps make up for my having no idea what I'm doing, though i do like the M4 and it's derivatives, only have the jumbo so far though in tier 6. Much further along in warships: have a few tier 8s (North Carolina, Mogami, Fubuki, Amagi, New Orleans) and up to tier 7 in most other navies/classes. I do have some tier 4, 5, and 6s that i've held onto since i enjoy playing them though. Kuma is a lot of fun to go seal clubbing with. With ranked starting up again and being capped at tier 7 i've been playing a lot of cruisers and destroyers lately, mostly Arp Myoko and Hatsuharu. I like the Mahan, but i'm not sure i'll ever get used to that shell velocity. Kiev is pretty nice thou and wicked fast with a speed flag.
  10. Yeah, that event was a huge resource sink, even without farming. I barely managed to finish clearing E7 a week early... ran out of ammo and fuel and restocked just enough for the last clear. Farmed the last few days after restocking, but alas no Harukaze. My lesson for next time: try to stock over 100k fuel and ammo before the next event.
  11. Ah, the collection... i'm really looking forward to seeing how the Belles turn out for ships in kancolle for the difference in interpretation. Picking which ship in my fleet got the ring was really hard, but after some soul searching i decided it had to be Fusou. Also agree: never enough Tenryuus.
  12. Oh my mistake, guess I missed that. Oh well, at least I got the nation and ship class right.
  13. For me, I think it's going to be BB-55 North Carolina, first of the new generation of US battleships. She was commissioned 1941 though... The cutoff for launch is 1939 right, to fit the start of the game's story. I'm more familiar with IJN ships before that time, such as the other (almost) unsinkable destroyer Shigure and the homegrown dreadnought class Fuso battleships.
  14. From the provided graphic, I'm voting for the one 2nd from the bottom in the middle, red Japanese armor with a rifle. I'm guessing she's a Japanese carrier (those striped planks by her legs looks like a flight deck to me), maybe Akagi? Red armor, wiki says "Akagi" means "red castle".
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