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  1. I'm not changing my vote, but trying to vote in the host is an interesting idea. I'm willing to go for that next week, assuming it's as simple as just "vote for our host". If not, how are our resident detectives doing in figuring out who she is?
  2. Thwarted before, I can see which way the wind is blowing... and I like it! (Kongou for me too) On a side note, it would be hilarious if she broke the 4th wall, something along the lines of "why does everyone think i'm some hyperactive cheery person?!"
  3. She reminds me of how reckless I am when i play warships... sometimes
  4. Tsundere-class heavy cruiser! ... I mean Takao. I'm sure she's nothing like that in this game universe
  5. Oh, and Dunkirk = Dunk/Dank-Ship
  6. Warships players and youtubers have all sorts of fun ship nick-names: Furutaka = Furious/Fury Taco Scharnhorst = Shiney Horse Tashkent = Trashcan Benson = Benny And so on.
  7. Well, in that case let's continue with the Soviets and go for A1.
  8. In a way it does. That seems to be a consistent style we have for pre-soviet Belles that now serve the Union.
  9. I think it's time for Kongou to explain herself for crashing Nagato's party: C2
  10. It's hammer time!!! Ah, so she's the infamous "Krispy Cream" that's in World of Warships... Looks like a fun ball of contradictions! That bit with the Torah was interesting too.
  11. I know that feeling of it not being ready quite yet, probably going to have to push back my thesis defense too... I'll be looking forward to playing the game once it meets your standards!
  12. But will Kongou be this game's granny ship...? Probably not, but maybe.
  13. We've a fair number of captains for sure.
  14. Torn between continued support of the soviet I voted for last week and giving Kongou some time in the lime light... A2 for me this week. The famous half English ship will be fun when she makes it and i'd wager she has a strong chance of success, even without my support.
  15. She knows what's important: coffee. That Trola though... She's got a mischievous steak in addition to that pride of hers. Interesting viewpoint on her government, though not the first to not be in love with the leadership.
  16. Aqua is best girl!... https://youtu.be/M6t6NAPN_L8 To bully
  17. Cute... Nice "torpedo bulges"
  18. I got what i asked for this week, i'm satsified. But we've been spoiling Mahan lately, so lets drive her up the wall with her favorite nationality! A2 Profintern.
  19. Perhaps a bit silly, but i loved it! Keep it simple, appreciate sandwich,???, Profit.
  20. Not dub news, but thanks to a deal with crunchyroll the anime can be streamed on steam now too, $0.49 per episode, so about $6 for the whole series: http://store.steampowered.com/app/600890/
  21. Oh, I guess they fixed that error... at least I think it was an error. First time I heard of this was from Death Usagi's facebook page and back then the "main cast" of destroyers had Yuudachi as a "Yuudachi class" XD If nothing else it should be entertaining how this gets adapted... it's not the first time what conventional wisdom would deem "outlandish" or bizarre anime was dubbed (I'm looking at you Strike Witches!) but I know that I'm not in any particular rush to try to explain how boat girls work to most people.
  22. Unless I'm remembering, I don't think post-launch interviews have been entirely ruled out.
  23. So, for example, just because Kongou crashed Nagato's interview doesn't mean we could interview Kongou?
  24. Amen to that! I was actually going to post about this, but you beat me to it! Trying to look up the history though... there are a few people who claim credit for it. It does appear to have come about in the 20th century in the USA, but exact ownership of this masterpiece is lost to history.
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