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  1. That's amazing! I'd have a hard time seeing Mahan smitten like Rem though
  2. My sanity was being tested in E1, and then 2 I-26 dropped in a row and i lost it XD I was just telling a friend "now that I finally found her it would rain Nimus" and sure enough!
  3. I still want that sandwich! B3! And as there isn't a topic yet I'll say it here: Perth was lovely, nice job BCS!
  4. BB-55 USS North Carolina for ushering in the new era of USN battleships. That's if I had to pick just one of course
  5. I'm afraid I'm a bit spoiled by how easy Gunpla is compared to the usual military models, so I'll need a few more tanks turning out well before I attempt a ship!
  6. I decided to take a stab at sketching that. What I tried to do was probably a bit too ambitious for my level of skill, but I wanted to have the scene on the deck of the actual ship Mahan. This lead to fun problems with scale, but I hope what I was going for is clear at least. I spent a while in World of Warships port looking at the ship and ended up setting the scene at the turret 2nd from the front. http://imgur.com/a/SQQMK
  7. Now I've got a mental image of bringing Mahan coffee and roses. She puts up with so much on our behalf that she deserves it
  8. Well, another event is upon us. I'm going fishing for subs in E1!
  9. I've also got the plushie! It was an impulse buy at Kami-con this year XD I'm not really one to collect figures, but I do like the Shiratsuyu class destroyers of the IJN so I did end up getting a couple for Shigure and Yudachi. I also like plastic model kits so at some point I hope to make a North Carolina model.
  10. And i'm also here thanks to GaijinGoomba.
  11. Looking way back, i can probably blame the movie Topgun for getting me enamored with fighterjets, which eventually spread to a general fascination with military equipment. Most of what i know about warships is thanks to kantai collection getting me started looking up histories. As a techie i love big machines like ships, though representing them as cute girls didn't hurt i'm sure. I'm also reading Arpreggio of Blue Steel on Crunchyroll, though that doesn't really have much to do with the real ship histories; it's more of a fun naval sci-fi story.
  12. She makes me think of a pirate. That's partially thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies
  13. This kind of discussion is why I'm interested in playing as an Italian captain when the game goes live: it's a good opportunity to learn about the Italian Navy and it's action during the war.
  14. While I would like to see Dschuncks finally succeed in meeting I-8, I love sandwiches far too much: I vote D4!
  15. Ideals aside, always nice to meet a sore loser like me
  16. It's the mechanic bit, but it reminds me a bit of Star Trek...
  17. There have been a lot more hints, but the one that sticks out now (thanks to the latest interview) was Lampo's modifications: the host ship went uncharacteristically fast... before breaking down. While this is by no means certain, that implies to me that it's a ship that isn't that quick, ruling out battle cruisers, fast battleships, destroyers... So a "standard" battleship wouldn't be so strange in my mind.
  18. You posted first but the other topic is getting all the responses ;_;
  19. Leave it to the glorious German engineering to take care of the damage inflicted for our education! The German, a lot of it looked like idioms, at least if Google Translate wasn't choking on it. Pretty sure I took the meaning though. And a ship that likes ships! I can already imagine the fan-fictions...
  20. So now there will definitely be a Jedi costume for Nenohi right?
  21. Help me Nenohi Kinobi, you're my only hope!
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