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  1. Finished in a little bit of rush, Tried to be creative, realized that I suck at creativity Wish I could see her front view.
  2. Absolutely, but can't guarantee the quaility
  3. I'm back! been on to XCTC and had to move to new house, finally I got some time to draw Hood sure is glorious
  4. Yes indeed! I have trouble coloring eyes and eye proportions, that is because of my lack of experience and education, I will try to fix it if I have time
  5. And because I'm an idiot, I accidentally deleted Nerpa drawing from imgur, uploading it again
  6. Greetings! glad I was able to finish this before I went to AT, here is drawing of Nautilus (NSFWish???)
  7. Hello first time posting here, been lurking in forums before I went to Ft. Benning for OUST, now that I am back here is drawing of Nerpa I drew
  8. Yes! Lady Lex is finally here!
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