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  1. Our enemies are the Morgana, not each other. Have a nice day! *coughrebelscumcough* Join the loyalists! We have cookies AND ice cream!
  2. Scramble all aircraft! Don't let them board the BCS! Protect it at all costs (Exactly what I going for.) EDIT: War's over everyone go home. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/blackchickenstudios/victory-belles/posts/1616596?ref=backer_project_update
  3. This is a BBC special report. There has been a large scale revolt by several captains around the world. We now go to Captain Elwan for comment. "Everyone needs to calm down, the last thing we need right now is a Civil War. I am siding with BCS to fight these rebels" We have been unable to contact the leader of the rebellion, Nel Celestine. This ends the special report
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