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  1. I plan to be fair and impartial with my aid. If I happen to aid one nation more than the others it is pure coincidence, I assure you. If I don't respond to a call for aid, all that means is that my comms are down. There is no conspiracy here. I swear. ... * I think they bought it... What do you mean the mic is still on?! Cut the feed!! Cut it!!! *
  2. @Fifrein For a brief moment your comment made me think I screwed up. *facepalm* @Legate Yep! I still occasionally ask him "How do you spell Mussolini?" and then he laughs a little. Yeah, it's just a little story I felt sharing. I'm the only history buff I know and I thought someone might enjoy it.
  3. In 1945 part of Mussolini's brain was sent to America. It was studied to see if there was a disease that had damaged his reasoning and was the reason for his actions. They soon determined that his brain had no disease. Mussolini's wife wanted her husband's brain back and eventually in 1966 she got her wish. She was quite upset to discover that his name was spelled wrong on the box. The man who misspelled Mussolini's name on that box was my Grandfather.
  4. Very well then! Our duel is slated for the eve of Armageddon! ...or whenever PvP launches one or the other.
  5. Nel! I challenge your silly expensive battleship fleet with my silly expensive carrier fleet! *DRAMATIC POINTING​*
  6. ...I was not expecting that. My silly challenge fleet might actually be possible. Anyways that will be a secondary fleet, my main fleet will be more diverse.
  7. So there ARE times when carriers won't be nerfed by the mist! Also, when the game comes out I'll try and see how much I can do using a fleet made of only carriers.
  8. I'm Elwan42 in Warships and Warplanes. I just started playing about a week ago, so I don't have nice things yet.
  9. Well, I hope I don't miss anything. I get sick easy and missing out on this game would be quite a shame. My personal suggestion would be to have days unlock in real time but allow players to chose when to advance the date. Thanks for the welcome!
  10. If someone is unable to play for a day will they miss that day's story missions or will they be able to catch up? ( Also, hi everyone! )
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