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  1. do daily quests, you are just out of construction materials.
  2. I am getting lot of Tenryuus from 250/130/200/30, 30/30/30/30, c'mon.
  3. Not going to mention why. Obvious reasons.
  4. Have you seen Atago, Fusou class, Musashi, Iowa, Shimakaze, Zuihou and more?
  5. I personally don't like this O&K shipping. They are supposed to be sisters tho.
  6. at least I have I-401.
  7. Crap. I'm like, newb.
  8. Why not? Since I am interested in both games, and considering both are about antropomorphic WWII ship girls. So let's have a discussion about it? Or show our KC fleets? (I bet, anybody knows about KC here.) tho, I suck at KC.
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