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  1. I see. Are you sure it's not 23,000 meters? That'd be about 26,000 yards. Just checking. I think he calls it the longest 6" gun hit of the war, anyway.
  2. Not a problem. Unlike the fans of other navies, most of my favorite ships will already be there in '39 anyway
  3. Well, the Orsas were basically DEs - with a full-load displacement larger than most DEs, and the Spicas certainly outgunned most DEs, even if they didn't outmass them, so I wouldn't call them light, but... Well, it's up to the dev team, anyway
  4. That was a pretty quick answer. And a cool answer at that. Great. Does that include Italian TBs and TB/DEs (i.e. Spica, Orsa etc...)?
  5. Question: Will DDs and Submarines be the lightest vessels in game (in terms of both displacement and armament)? While I realize that stopping at DDs would probably be easier in terms of game design, some DEs and auxiliary ships have really interesting histories...
  6. O'hara confirms it in "Passage Perilous", I think.
  7. Hello guys, I'm Incrociatore and I'm (as some of you have probably already guessed from my nickname) something of a Regia Marina nerd. I'll probably lurk a lot and post every once in a while. See ya!
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