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    I looked into this; he does confirm it, but he gives a distance of 23'000 yds.

    Although it doesn't substract much; it was still a rather impressive hit, in my opinion.


    I see. Are you sure it's not 23,000 meters? That'd be about 26,000 yards.


    Just checking. I think he calls it the longest 6" gun hit of the war, anyway.

  2. Incrociatore;


    Not in '39. It's possible for the future, but unlikely- very light raiding forces like those might appear as a part of your Base, though.


    Edit: Now that I think about it, though, the Team did discuss the Spicas as possibly appearing.


    Well, the Orsas were basically DEs - with a full-load displacement larger than most DEs, and the Spicas certainly outgunned most DEs, even if they didn't outmass them, so I wouldn't call them light, but...


    Well, it's up to the dev team, anyway :)

  3. During said battle, moreover, the Montecuccoli might have also inflicted one of these record-making hits. It seems that both Italian and British reports say that, at one point, the two cruisers bumped into the minesweeper HMS Hebe at long range and opened fire, and on the Montecuccoli they saw a hit from one of their salvoes; the Hebe apparently confirmed this, stating that it came from "approx. 26000 yds".

    In other words, they're suggesting that a puny light cruiser, firing at the very extreme range of its guns, scored a hit on a rather small target at a distance comparable of that of the two big contenders for the longest hit in naval history - HMS Warspite and the Scharnhorst.

    I've kept the conditional, though, because I've not yet had the opportunity to verify it. Still, it might be possible.


    O'hara confirms it in "Passage Perilous", I think.

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