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  1. The German memorial of Sédan erected for their fallen soldiers of 1870 still stands today, having survived both World Wars. I wish more people would show the same kind of respect to the French soldiers who fell during WW2. Verdun will be a mandatory ship for me. Thank you for including her, may we never forget her sacrifices...
  2. Poor Béarn, I wonder if she is truly that confident or if it's just a façade to cope with the her rather tragic origins and fate.
  3. https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldOfWarships/comments/4zzsaj/celebrating_dunkerques_eu_release_hidden/?st=iseulahn&sh=28997419 More detailed analysis of Dunkerque, will also write up/translate an analysis of Mers-el-Kébir and the damages she suffered drawn from various french sources.
  4. Glad to see yet another good design for a Marine Nationale ship. Her friendship with Hood promises to be quite a bumpy affair considering the later's role at Mers-el-Kébir. However, it always struck me as quite intriguing how most of the Royal Navy capital ships that took part in Dark & Mers-el-Kébir later met a grievous end (Ark Royal, Barham, Hood...), don't you think ? As for those interested in WoWs Dunkerque, here is what I can tell you about her: Pros: _ Fastest T6 BB. _ Fastest T6 turret traverse speed for a BB (the turret can turn as fast as you can steer the ship with Expert Marksman.) _ Fighter plane at T6. _ Pretty good range of 18,2km. _ Incredible accuracy and penetration up to 14km. _ Strongest deck protection at T6, very good against dive bombers. _ Unlike most BB of the tier, which are WW1 designs, Dunkerque does not have easily exploitable secondaries casemates or weak barbettes to shoot AP at. _ Fast reloading, long range secondaries firing only HE (base 5,5km range). _ All forward battery. _ Excellent on-shoulder firing arc, facilitating escapes. _ High-velocity, high-penetration AP shells. _ Flat shell trajectory. _ 35% Fire chance on HE shells. _ Strong frontal armor capable of auto-bouncing shells up to 14". _ Strong control tower armor. _ 50mm turtleback renders cruiser & destroyer AP shells harmless, may also deflect/reduce damage from battleship shells penetrating the belt. _ Fast rudder-shift. Cons: _ Weak belt armor (225m). _ Weak torpedo protection (which makes no sense considering her IRL design, but go figure...) _ 13" guns. _ Only 2 turrets, losing one means losing 50% firepower. _ Dramatic loss of accuracy and penetration beyond 14km. _ Stern located secondaries are ill-suited for brawling. _ Mediocre AA protection. _15" and 16" will overmatch her armor. _ Huge superstructure makes the ship easy to hit with plunging fire if immobile/going in a straigth line. _ HE spam magnet. _ Long turn-time. All in all, she is a very solid Battle Cruiser, use her to hunt other cruisers, destroyers and learn to exploit the flaws of WW1 battleships. I do not recommend trying to play her like an Izumo or North Carolina as she does not have the armor or AA strength to do so, sniping is also a bad idea since you will quickly realize that her accuracy and penetration at maximum range are sorely lacking. What you should do instead: _ Use her mobility to dictate what and when to engage. _ Zigzag, wiggle and juke out of long range salvos, close in for counter salvos, rinse & repeat. _ Abuse WW1 Battleships weakspots such as secondaries casemates, turret barbettes, superstructures and non-all or nothing designs. All german BBs, Warspite and New-Mexico are the most vulnerable to superstructure shots (I have seen up to 20k damages inflicted on a Tirpitz with a full broadside striking its superstructure.) _ Melt what you cannot penetrate with HE. _ Show your stern to yolo destroyers to shower them with secondary fire while presenting a very small target. (I call it "farting in their general direction"). _ Seek AA cover from CVs, CAs or other BBs, "escorting" another BB is usually a good idea. _ Always keep track of your speed and relative position to the rest of your team, it's very easy to overextend with Dunkerque. _ Only bow tank as a last resort. My results after 40 battles with her:
  5. Hmm.. I did not expect to see a supporter of Edward VIII. Quite suspicious... Is there any real officer of the Royal Navy and servant of His Majesty, King Georges VI here ? As for the Surcouf, I will join Fifrein, it was impractical and its gimmick defeated the purpose of stealth. Imagine it trying to attack a military target with guns, revealing its position loudly and flashily while being a fat target and unable to submerge fast enough to avoid retaliation. On top of that its electrical engine was a capricious beast. One might as well just stick to torpedoes for military targets and smaller cannons mounted on top of the hull for unarmed merchant ships.
  6. Why both Fusou and Hyuuga are my favourite Mogami is pretty cool too, she worked really hard this event. The MVP was Furutaka though, landed the killing blow on last dance E2-E4-E6 and E7 and never taiha'd through the entiere event. Definitely worth a ring for such laudable performances.
  7. I wouldn't call British ship "flimsy". KGV class ships had more belt & deck armor than the vast majority of contemporary BBs. All it takes is a hit at the right place, at the right moment. Tirpitz was ultimately sunk by a single Tallboy (12000 lb bomb) that blew up amidship, perforated her keel and caused her cap-sizing, she was struck by another one beforehand that did not detonate. Grand Slam (22000 lb bombs) were not used against her. Bismark resisting 15" shells comes as no surprise as her armor was designed to withstand such caliber, on the other hand, the armor of an old Battlecruiser like HMS Hood armor stood no chance against Biscko's armament. Try to imagine Bismark struck by japanese or american 16", and the result might have been quite different.
  8. I'm not sure if EDWARD is still an active clan, but Kntai does not have/no longer has a "japanese navy only" policy. As one can attest with my membership. Battleship_Richelieu in WoWS, usually playing TVI-TVIII as either USN or IJN BBs.
  9. Well duh It's my niece we are talking about !
  10. I'm just hoping for Richelieu at some point, my hype increases with each french ship revealed... Béarn & LMP with their traditional Basque & Indochinese dress, Maillé-Brézé and her dress inspired by a portrait of Admiral Maillé Brézé's sister... *shiver* Since Admiral Maillé Brézé was Richelieu's nephew, I wonder if the two Belles will allude to that. Or are all the ships planned for an interview listed on this list ? Anycase, voting for D6.
  11. I would go for... or ... considering her rather goofy antics.
  12. Personally, I prefer KanColle's focus on long term investment & QoL rather than relying on "impulse" purchase, but KanColle appeals to people who are okay with RNG-Gambling and a complete lack of "linear" progression. I'm not sure if such a business model could be copy pasted onto VB.
  13. Good pick. On my end I'm recovering from the event. Iowa was tough to get.
  14. I supported VB because BCS are the first to actually put efforts in their character designs on top of featuring more navies. As was discussed on Kntai, most Kancolle clones sacrifice quality for quantity, VB seems to have the right balance between the two and does not shame away from referencing WW2. If I compare KC & the "clones" I currently play. KanColle: _ Character design is a mixed bag, it varies heavily depending on the artist, compare Musashi to Hyuuga. _ There is little to no narrative. _ The game is centered around collection rather than progression, in fact, progression is not really needed to "collect" ships. (I only bothered to clear World 3 last week after a year, and yet have gotten most of the ships already). _ KanColle's shop is centered around long term investment and quality of life, only players who have acquired a lot of ships will need to expand their inventory & dock space, but the game actively dissuades you from buying ressources and most of the "profitable" upgrades imply a certain amount of veterancy through level restriction. _ No content locking, getting the ship you want can be very easy or very hard depending on luck and RNG. Panzer Waltz: _ Character design is clearly focused on "you gotta have blue hairs" anime/moe/fanservice. _ There is very little RNG compared to Kancolle. _ The game is less about collection and more about progression, with technologies & unlock trees, (it is impossible to get Tier 6 Tanks without farming high level missions, which cannot be done without appropriate tech levels etc...) _ It has a campaign with a narrative. _ PW's shop is centered around faster progression: Boosters, ressource packs, daily ressource gains etc.. It's the usual "progress faster than others" kind of deal. _ No content locking, getting the tanks you want can take a long time if its a high-tier one. Victory Belles: _ Character design steers away from fanservice and more emphasise is put on historical/namesake referencing. _ The game does not shy away from WW2/history and embrace the settings. _ For now the game seems to be more about progression than collection, with a heavy focus on narrative campaigns. _ Hopefully no content locking considering the backlash BCS faced on Himeuta about KS exclusives, ships will be "time locked" but research steering seems to be a thing. As far as I can understand for now, Victory Belles seems to be closer to Panzer Waltz in terms of gameplay. We have to keep in mind with KC is that the premium shop is designed around the idea that people who are willing to pay for the game will do so after having invested a considerable amount of time already. There is very little incentive for a new player to pay for ressources and upgrades (except maybe more repair/construction docks), while veteran players wishing to expand their collection/beat hard mode events will pretty much have to. In Panzer Waltz it's the complete opposite, the premium shop is a lot more interesting when you start out and lack pretty much everything. VB's economy thus far is still a mystery, so it's hard to deliberate what kind of premium shop would fit the best.
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