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  1. Yay~ So happy to see this news today! I had honestly not expected it anytime soon. My morale has been greatly enhanced. Now we all have something to really look forward to in the new year. Thank you devs for really brightening up my day.
  2. Ah, I wondered. I couldn't recall seeing that story before. Also, I would have picked 9 instead, but it didn't seem apologetic enough.
  3. I am compelled by my NopeNopeNope response being triggered to come out of lurking mode. Excellent work. I've been wanting to get back here. There are so many hilarious answers in the list that I would love to choose, but my personal foibles prevent me from picking them. I absolutely dislike being manipulated into something like this, especially where it is most likely I will lose. I will freely admit that I am a sore loser. Also, as their commanding officer, I believe that this entire event is probably violating numerous regulations, so there's that. So, to avoid the match entirely, my choice is 10, as that, in addition to fixing the watch, lets Scharnhorst know I am not to be trifled with either. Backup answer would either be 4 or 6. Can someone direct me to the update where her watch was broken?
  4. Personally Agamemnon I agree with all your points save her being arrogant and demented. I like the idea of a yellow rose badge or something though. Something my version doesn't have. Permission to borrow that idea?
  5. And I'm glad I helped. You're welcome. Don't worry, I'm reading yours too. Good stuff so far.
  6. Though I'm not Texan, I feel pretty attached her myself. In the Arpeggio RP over on the WoWS forum, I write my own version of her. Have been for quite a while now. Her... state of being is similar to a Belle in some ways but is far more fantastical in others. I'm even considering writing a short story or novel about her. Anyway, that's why I'm particularly interested in what the Character designers do with her. I look forward to her introduction.
  7. Greetings all! The name is GeneralPatton1000 but you can call me Patt or just GP1K (see what I did there?). Like my friend DrYuriMom and many others, this was my first Kickstarter. I was introduced to it by GaijinGoombah, (All hail the Admiral), and I'm glad I was. So looking forward to this game. A little about myself though. I am an avid naval enthusiast and faithful WoWS player. I hang out over on that forum a lot, roleplaying with Waltzcarer and others. I also play grand strategy games and a few other odds and ends. Anywho, I figured it was time I came along and got started here. Later. *Goes to stake out Dr's fanfic*
  8. *Peeks in* Excellent writing there. Enjoyed it so far. Keep up the good work my friend.
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