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  1. I have six fans and a water-cooling system so yeah haha. Good to hear about the emulator, just donated for Belfast, since she's the one I honestly want out of all of them.
  2. Pardons if this has been asked already, haven't been active on the forums for a bit on account of my old PC bursting into flames. I've been considering buying into the beta recently. Could someone already in the CB, or you know Legate, confirm if it's possible to play the game on a kindle or emulator? Or will I need to buy a proper Samsung tablet to play it? If I remember correctly there's supposed to be a web version at launch but I didn't see that as an option on the recent update on the Kickstarter. Thanks in advance. P.S.: If you are curious, yes I was being literal about the bursting into flames thing, I have since purchased eight different surge protectors for my electronics.
  3. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before but the artist does some very beautiful eyes. Odd from me I know. That said I'm one of the guys that have been voting for her for a while now and I'm not disappointed. Although between her, orleans and kirov I may have to have an emergency code for 'help a belle is trying to have her way with me. '
  4. I'll be honest, not a fan of the blond hair, makes me think of a cosplayer that forgot to dye her hair black and went 'screw it' at the last second. Just seems off to me, even more so than the purple hair.
  5. Orion, sorry I'm late, back in Bermuda and my family wants me in 5 places at once.
  6. Indeed, although they seem to be in short supply, when I go back to Bermuda soon I'll have to go searching.
  7. Meh, Wellington may be convinced but I'm not overly for or against. 50/50 Also I see our dear artist continues their war against backsides....
  8. Can we get a height chart just before release, pretty please.
  9. I can't be the only one who's amused by the fact that Mahan, the spirit of a destroyer, is afraid of the idea of a human ghost. Funny.
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