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  1. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this before but the artist does some very beautiful eyes. Odd from me I know. That said I'm one of the guys that have been voting for her for a while now and I'm not disappointed. Although between her, orleans and kirov I may have to have an emergency code for 'help a belle is trying to have her way with me. '
  2. I'll be honest, not a fan of the blond hair, makes me think of a cosplayer that forgot to dye her hair black and went 'screw it' at the last second. Just seems off to me, even more so than the purple hair.
  3. Orion, sorry I'm late, back in Bermuda and my family wants me in 5 places at once.
  4. Indeed, although they seem to be in short supply, when I go back to Bermuda soon I'll have to go searching.
  5. Meh, Wellington may be convinced but I'm not overly for or against. 50/50 Also I see our dear artist continues their war against backsides....
  6. Can we get a height chart just before release, pretty please.
  7. I can't be the only one who's amused by the fact that Mahan, the spirit of a destroyer, is afraid of the idea of a human ghost. Funny.
  8. If a captain were to drop some money could they get a belle commissioned? Or would they have to wait for 40.
  9. could be, but she has what 20 torp tubes a side.
  10. Personality wise I'm talking about, just to be clear. Maybe I've just become jaded due to life experience but I'll be honest I prefer the more serious characters like miss Verdun or Bulldog. I know other people like the 'cutie cute' women and that's fine but I actually have a very thin line between 'cute' and 'annoying'. I like my belles to have their head on straight, with a quirk for uniqueness being ok (ark royal) I don't like the 'please protect me' women, in a military setting mind you, and anyone who knows me knows that I have absolutely zero tolerance for for that 'I like you but can't admit it so I treat you like crap' kind of character that japan seems to like so much. Break my foot off in your backside if you try that crap with me. *grumble* Stepping away from that you have ships like kirov, who I like for more than I thought I would frankly, and New Orleans who I'm 80% sure will make me buy a chastity belt. Contradictory? Yeah, but hey is what it is right? Everyone has a kind of personality they like, gotta cover all the bases yeah?
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