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  1. So, some of you guys have probably seen my thread in the writer's corner about making a quick documentation about the warships and the belles that personify them. 


    Here if you don't know what I'm on about.

    The thing is, I set the due date for the weekend and it's monday evening now, I don't like failing to keep my word as that's the kind of man I am. It has taken far more time to gather footage and write up the scripts than I originally planed. 

    So since I'm making this for you, my fellow captains, I wanted your opinion: Do I release it as soon as possible and use it as a template to improve others in the future, or take the extra time and refine the first video for quality?

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  2. And is there a way to get specific materials or is it total rng? (locations, priority targets) 

    Also is the nation you choose going to effect the materials you get in any way?

    Will we have more than one task force under our command? If so, can we assign them all different task or is it a one by one thing you need to be present for? 

  3. I've been thinking about something, concerning the belles.


    In the trailer Mahan specifically says "We were awoken." not 'released' not 'we came/woke to defend' not 'created' not 'sent' not 'ordered' or 'tasked' but specifically we were awoken.


    So that begs the question, who woke them up, and how?

  4. Will the different (former, as this is set in 39) british countries with their own navies get their own ports or will they all be based out of england? 


    If so could you base yourself in another british country later (I remember you saying something to that effect earlier when I asked about the base in Bermuda) I'm sure you guys have many aspiring captains from former british territories.  

  5. So as captains of the INPF, by the way we missed an opportunity in calling ourselves the International Navy of Escort Protection and Tactics  (INEPT), we have a duty to take note of and document the appearance, combat specifications, and personalities of Belles/Kami/Valkyries/whatever else they call themselves so that up and coming captains may have a simple yet descriptive video format for those who have less time on their hands due to being hard working captains and may want a quick audio rundown.


    Note that this will not be a historical rundown but rather a quick presentation for the Belle's characteristics as a living being and the specifications of the Warship which she personifies. So as to present information to the captains who may wish to know more about her specifically and not her historical data. 

    Perhaps I could even get other captains to help me out, we'll see, but for now expect the first episode this weekend (as for who it's a secret.) 





    Who was the ship that they were hitting golf balls at in one of the interviews? Reason I ask is because I think that is their current host. I remember Mahan saying something along the lines of "I don't want to get our host angry. I don't think she's completely forgiven us for that round of golf." I likely got part of the quote wrong, but that's my guess as to who the host is.

    Thing is that in a later interview they fixed the dents caused by it, so I doubt that is the case.


    Sounds like the real host was peeved at being used by a golf course and Mahan didn't want to piss her off more.

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