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  1. I would have a damn heart attack every time she came running towards me with those damn torpedoes.
  2. *CoughrussiannavyCough* Sorry I had some irony in my throat.
  3. Will we see the interviews in game? To be more specific, will we see them as a kind of codex entry or as an introduction when we acquire a belle? Also I don't think I've said this directly but thanks for answering all my dumb questions.
  4. A question about the belles and their gear. Now I've learned from experience to never ask a woman her weight, but I'll take any and all responsibility for my actions: How much does what the belles form on them (guns torpedoes AA) weigh, would it be possible for a human to lift them or would you need cranes and such? How much do the belles themselves weigh, let's use Bulldog and Royal for an example since wellington is right above me. Let's say something catastrophic happens during a patrol and one of them gets injured/knocked out would it be possible for your standard 200+ pound man to move Bulldog, what about Royal? Or would it be physically impossible and you would have to leave them there while you continued fighting? And finally: How much do their melee weapons weigh, they are constructions of their will correct so would they weigh the same or can they control the weight? Comparing say Mahan's sword and Bulldogs' switch.
  5. The one time I change from A1 and everyone is jumping on it haha, I am still picking Orion though, if I just followed the crowd I'd not be the man I am today.
  6. pftt, yeah, teach me to be voting at 12 at night and get on just as I wake up haha
  7. if we are going by launch date wouldn't Orion be older (just talking off the top of my head though)
  8. Does the rigging she's got on her remind anyone else of power armor, or an exo suit, or have I gone full nerd?
  9. Ship mahan, was that a typo/autocorrect, I don't understand. Oh wait, must have been a pun... I'm sure there will be more belles introduced that wou can put in your fleet. As for profintern, poor woman is going to work herself to death, what's up with the russians and the workaholics. Also the little fluff balls on the socks make me laugh.
  10. Well now that I know: Will the royal naval dockyard (bermuda) be a choosable starting point for more than one navy? Edit: who's the oldest belle currently, Orion would be up there but is she the oldest?
  11. As a second example, on a very different scale, is a map of Bermuda. It probably isn't a good sign for the people on that island that they need their own special map, Captain. No god please no!
  12. How different is it working through kick starter, rather than a publisher?
  13. Will we be seeing Chinese belles at all? Just curious. Edit: I also seem to be having trouble using my mouse wheel to scroll on this site, works on other sites.
  14. Many british countries/provinces/cities/ships/other things have a coat of arms, He's Bermuda's:
  15. Look at those massive pair of....furred boots, what am I looking at? I obviously am missing a reference here. I wonder how many world of warships fans are on these forums, I'm noticing that ships that are announced on wows get almost always voted in here. Also since no one else wants to say it: Nice rack. I know I'm not the only one thinking it. Oddly enough the Italian women I've met/dated (ok she was half Italian) tend to be quite skinny, not unhealthily so just thin, I heard somewhere that the 'ideal woman' for Italians tend to be thinner than other nations but I'm just speaking from an old conversation with a squad member of mine.
  16. While I'd like to see the wolf of solomon I'm sticking with A1 I do like the Kongo class historically as well but she seems like a bit of a, let's say 'piece of work' here in her personification.
  17. Is ninja secretly a spy that tells you guys what the community is thinking or wants...he seems to be very informed. I am making that 'morgana captain' voice thing, although not knowing much about morgana I'm kinda just spitballing/having fun with it, I'll post it later. How much of the belle's looks are inspired by their names, and how much by their history? To clarify, does the ship's personal history take priority or does it get shared equally with their names. If one had to be chosen over another which would it be, and how do you guys make that choice? Example: Gambia, would she have a Gambian accent/look due to her name, English accent/look, New Zealand? Would belles like the Bismark sisters be not as close to her sister ships as say....The USS Cleveland class would be, or the IJN Myoko class. I'm excited for more content, can you tell? Sorry if you can't answer these ones.
  18. This woman is going to make mahan fat...can belles even get fat? She's going to make me fat. A1
  19. So what's up with the tiny versions of the belles? Like here you have the tiny 'fun size' versions of mahan and bulldog at first, and then the 'full sized' bulldog at the end.
  20. I'd like to see her around myself, in my totally unbiased and fair opinion.
  21. You english guys come up with some weird stuff man, I'll stick with my fish chowder/lobster/fishcakes/I never realised how many ways I know how to prepare seafood until just now.
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